Plastic Free July 2017 – Saying No To Plastic

I’m taking part in Plastic Free July this year.  Avoiding single use plastic is something I do as much as I can every day, not just in July, but this July I’m really ramping up my efforts.  We did plastic free in January but since then, our household has very gradually stopped being so diligent.

save our planet

? By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans ?

Plastic is amazing because it’s almost indestructible.

Plastic is devastating because it’s almost indestructible.



The Plastic Free July movement is about choosing to refuse single use plastic.

During Plastic Free July You Can Pledge To:

You can choose to do this for a day, a week, a month or even as a life choice.

What’s The Point?

turtle with straw up nose
That straw that you used just that one time.  Did you really need it?  The turtle didn’t much like it.
Our apples from the supermarket: do we actually need them to come on a plastic tray and wrapped in plastic?  Do we need our cucumbers in plastic sheaths?  I know I don’t.
There are alternatives.  Ways that don’t mean you have to go without.  It gives us a brilliant excuse to shop local and support small businesses.  Also, so long as we forward plan, it’s really not that difficult.  It’s a bit like dieting, if you go out when you’re really hungry, bad decisions will be made.  Plan what you’re going to be eating and shop accordingly.  There are plastic-free solutions to almost every shopping conundrum.

Quick Tips To Shopping Plastic Free

 ♻️ Take your own shopping bags ♻️

?  Use produce bags (these Onya bags are made out of recycled bottles and are super lightweight) ?

♻️ Take containers to put your meat/fish/delicatessen produce  in (the deli counters in supermarkets will let you use your own containers, though they will probably look at you like you have two heads – I really couldn’t care less what they think of my doing this) ♻️

?  Take more containers than you think you’ll need.  There’s so often something that takes your fancy but wasn’t on your list ?

♻️ Keep reusable bags and produce bags in your handbag/car.  They’re not heavy or bulky, but if you’re as hair brained as me, you’re not always going to remember to take your bags, etc with you each time you stop for an impromptu pop to the shops ♻️

? Look at what’s around you.  Vegetable growers often do produce swaps.  Farmers markets and local farm shops are fantastic for seasonal produce ?

♻️ If there is no other option than buying a cabbage wrapped in plastic at the supermarket, buy the cabbage.  Once you’ve paid, leave the plastic on the counter.  If EVERYONE did this, we’d soon send large companies the message that it isn’t necessary or acceptable ♻️


Don’t Be Embarrassed


When I first started shopping plastic free, I used to feel like a bit of a muppet taking in my own containers and asking for my produce to be put in it.  The local butcher thinks I’m a total tree hugging hippie (and once commented to my parents, “Aww, bless, there’s no harm in her” – I was mortified by this!).  I’ve been doing it for so long now, that I really couldn’t care less what people think.  It’s not my issue, it’s a global issue and to be completely uninformed about it, these days, is just ignorance.  A teenage girl at the local farm shop really didn’t understand and weighed my tin along with my steak.  As if I’m going to pay for the weight of a stainless steel tin.  No.

Don’t allow other people make you feel uncomfortable for doing the right thing.  You have every right to politely refuse single use plastic.

We Wanna Be Together

If we all change the way we shop, the World around us will change.  We live in a very consumer-driven World.  If you want change, you have to be the change.  Say no to what you don’t want.  Don’t be shy.  We need to work as one.

We’re having a competition in our house to see who ends up with the least amount of rubbish at the end of the month.  The children are taking it very seriously and are thinking about ways they can avoid plastic when they’re at school.

Are you taking part in Plastic Free July?  I’d love to hear the changes you’re making in your household and how it’s coming along.

I’m posting daily updates on my Instagram so please pop along and say hi.

Lu Lovely

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  1. says: Natalie

    Yay!! I love this! I’ve been trying so hard lately too. Not using bags and straws is easy but it’s so difficult with lots of things! I’ve been using the block shampoo from lush to avoid the bottles and have my own coffee cup too. X

    1. Nooooo. Lush use really harsh surfactants, please read the ingredients. They say sodium lauryl sulphate is a safe synthetic. Ha! No!!!! It’s a dangerous chemical that has no place on your skin/in your body xx

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