5 Top Tips To Avoid Being Lumbered With A Lemon

lumbered with a lemon

Finding a soul mate can be an arduous task.  It’s so important to choose wisely if you’re looking for a long-term relationship and not just a good night with fun time Bobby.  I’ve gathered some helpful dating tips for you to follow when looking for love.



If you are thinking about something with more longevity, DO be fussy.  There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a relationship with a guy that doesn’t have the same values as you.

There are some pretty simple warning signs to look out for.  If you see any of these flags flying then proceed at your peril!

How To Make Good Choices

?  His last relationship ended because he cheated – This gives you a pretty clear idea of his moral compass.  If he cheated before then he’ll probably cheat again.  It isn’t fun having your heart stamped on or being in a relationship with a man who cheats



? He flirts with other women whilst he’s with you – Unacceptable.  I know flirting can be harmless, but I feel like if a guy is doing this in front of you then he doesn’t have much respect for you.  Shouldn’t he be making you feel like you are the most important woman in his life?



? He spends half the time he’s with you looking at his phone – Are you boring him?  Is he hoping for a better option?  Unless there’s a very good reason for him to be stalking his Facebook account like it’s a life or death situation, he’s probably either really rude or just not that into you



? He checks out other women when he’s with you – There no harm in window shopping.  We all enjoy looking at attractive things, but there is a time and a place when it is suitable to do so, like a shopping centre, or an art gallery, not at another woman’s butt when you’re in a restaurant



? Try to pick someone of a similar intellect level as you – It’s not fun to be constantly be catching up and wondering what he’s talking about.  Equally as awfully, you don’t want to spend all your time explaining little things to someone who appears to have been battered with the stupid stick.  You need to be able to mentally stimulate each other.  Look for the shoe that fits



Setting The Bar

For me, my parents set an extremely high standard when it comes to relationships.  In fact, I come from a long line of happy, long-lasting relationships.  My parents have been together for over forty years and I’ve only ever heard them argue once (I was about 8 at the time, my mum stormed off and my dad took us conker picking in Windsor – my brother and I had brilliant day so it was hardly a traumatic experience).  They treat each other with such respect and do such loving and thoughtful things for each other.

Set the bar high.  Wait for a man who treats you the way you deserve to be treated.  Keep kissing frogs until you’ve found your Prince.  If you’re looking for love, there are some great places to look for your Prince.  Grampian datingOver 50s dating Northamptonshireover 50s dating Strathclyde or Over 50s dating Suffolk.  For more dating tips, see this post.

Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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