Why Make Yourself Count – General Elections 2017

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An alarming number of people have told me, in the last couple of weeks, that they’re not voting.  They say it’s pointless, they just don’t vote or they’re not interested.  It both angers me and breaks my heart at the same time.  People have literally died to allow us the opportunity to have a voice in the selection of our government.  Please do the right thing.

Why Vote?

? You have the power to change the way in which our country is being run and the power to create change

☞ You don’t have to be knowledgeable about politics to make an informed decision.  There are so many simple, unbiased quizzes you can fill out that can help you select a political party according to your beliefs and values

? This is your life and the lives of your families.  Don’t they deserve a strong leader who will make good decisions based on equality rather than money and class?

☞ Do you think they’ll all as bad as each other?  It’s okay if you feel that way.  You don’t have an allegiance to any political party but you want to create a change, there is always an option of spoiling your vote.  It’s called a Blank Vote.  Draw a smiley face, leave it blank, do whatever you like.  It could still bring about a political reform.

? Staying at home is not a way of protesting.  You’re basically saying you neither deserve nor have enough of a valid opinion for it to count.

☞ We live in a democratic country.  Our country and it’s up to us as to how to allow it to be run.

If you had a child at school that was being bullied, you’d stand up and act on it, right?  I feel like the Conservatives are not the right choice for our country, especially not for me personally nor anyone else that’s disabled.  I’m therefore torn between voting for the party I’d really like to win or tactical voting just to get the conservatives out.  Whatever I decide upon, I will be turning up tomorrow.  I’ll be having my say.

election infographic

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