Screen Printing At Home With Screen Sensation + Discount Code

Screen Printing At Home With Screen Sensation

I love hobbies and trying new things. I have always wanted to try screen printing but hadn’t ever had the opportunity. Since trying it last week, it’s my new favourite thing!! Today, we’ve screen printed 8 different tops, 6 cotton reusable bags and three giant tea towels! The fabric printing World is now my oyster, with thanks to the super easy and well-thought-out kit from Screen Sensation.


Screen Sensation was introduced one year ago as a way to fill a gap in the crafting world.  Lots of people had tried screen printing at school before and knew how great the results can be, but there is so much hassle and expense associated with it.  We wanted to create a way to get the same results in a more accessible and streamlined way.  We also wanted to create a product that would allow users to print on fabric, card, glass, and any other variety of surfaces.


Screen Sensation 12 x 12 Kit

screen sensation kit

This starter kit contains:
Screen Sensation screen printing system

Frame, featuring 24cm square aperture. Simply tape your chosen screen design to the frame and insert it into the Screen Sensation to start printing straight away.

Squeegee, specifically sized to the screen ensuring you get an even coverage across the whole of your design.

Palette Knife, perfectly shaped to allow you to transfer your chosen ink directly from the Ink Pot or Mixing Bowl to the surface of your screen.

10 Wooden Mixing Tools, which allow you to thoroughly mix a range of colours of your choice by combining different ink colours.

Mixing Bowl shaped to allow you to easily mix and thin down your inks and then transfer to the surface of your screen.  The bowl also folds flat to minimise storage room.

You can purchase the Screen Sensation kit from hereThe Discount Code is: SSBL25-OVGK1 which gives you 25% off any Screen Sensation purchase!  Thank you, Screen Sensation.


Getting Started

I read the instructions!!  I rarely read instructions, but since the instructions were super simple to follow and included colour pictures, my attention span managed to stay focussed (my mind is like that of a young child’s when it comes to being excited about trying new hobbies).

My best friend and I did the screen printing together.  We set everything out on her dining table.  Her husband found us some old lining paper to practice on.  We decided to use the purple.  I knew roughly what I was doing because I had been watching the Screen Sensation YouTube videos.


How To Screen Print

We taped our chosen screen design to the frame and inserted it into the Screen Sensation.  We then taped the paper we were practising on to the back of the Screen Sensation to keep it from moving about.

I dolloped a line of paint along the top of the Screen Sensation on the frame.  I then pulled the paint across the frame using the squeegee provided in the kit.

how to screen print

When we opened the frame to check the results, I was completely amazed!! Look!!!

screen printing on paper

After one try on paper, we decided to crack on straight away and so a vest top.  I was amazed at how the top came out.  Once it’s been ironed for two minutes, the ink is cured.

screen printed top

We all now have matching vests, which the children are delighted with.  I love the positive mantra screens available from the Screen Sensation range.  I look forward to printing lots more and on different mediums in the future.

If you’re tempted to give screen printing a go, I’d highly recommend it.
Please note, this is a collaborated post.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely


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