Spring Has Sprung! Your Garden Is Calling

Spring Has Sprung! Your Garden Is Calling

If you look outside your patio doors only to be greeted by a jungle-like sea of green, the chances are you don’t think of yourself as a gardener. However, the hobby of gardening isn’t just for retirees and green-fingered hippies. To embrace gardening all you need is a little bit of a willingness to learn some horticultural knowledge, an ability to read labels and a willingness to get dirty. Take a look at how you can get your garden fit for the summer.


While the summer seems like a long way off, you need to start thinking about cutting back the rainforest that has sprouted in your back garden before it’s too late. For a minimal amount, you can get a team of people in who specialize in garden clearance if the job is too much to do by yourself. They won’t design your garden, but they will clear it so that you have a blank space to work with once again.

When planning out your garden think about zones. Consider making space for al fresco dining, enjoy a patch of lawn for the kids, perhaps think about installing a rockery or a water feature and why not grow some vegetables. You might not fancy implementing all of these zones into your garden, especially if you don’t have vast amounts of space. However, with a patio and a lawn, you can create a clean and crisp outside space to use in the summer months.



It’s always lovely for young families to enjoy a spot in their garden dedicated to the local wildlife. While putting tinned meat down to attract the local foxes isn’t recommended, you could get your hands on some Little Peckers to encourage the local birds to enjoy some grub in your garden. The tweeting of birds is therapeutic and relaxing, and your kids can enjoy getting to know all of the different species.

You could install a beetle bank to encourage hardy little insects to take up residence. Hedgehog hotels are easy to create and useful to help protect these delicate creatures, especially over winter. Get yourself some old logs and sticks and pile them up in a quieter patch of your garden. Before long, you may have a few prickly families on your land. A pond could also be fun or a patch of wildflowers to encourage bees to pop by and say hello.


colourful fresh vegetables

While you might not fancy becoming self-sufficient, growing vegetables can be a whole lot of fun. Many people start out on a whim to then enter their prized marrows into shows and win. Start small and get yourself a veggie trough. Sow some potatoes and carrots and watch them grow. At the very least you can whip up a herb garden and enjoy the fragrant aromas while sunning yourself in the summer.

Perfecting your garden needn’t require massively green fingers. However, follow this guide, and you can enjoy a useable outside space this summer.

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