Staying Healthy In The Winter

Staying Healthy In The Winter


There are enough health worries at the moment so I thought I’d write a post giving you some tips on staying healthy this winter. Obviously, we’re really limited on what exercise we can do at the moment because of lockdown but remember to do little things that help you each day. From nasal sprays to ease dry sore winter noses ( to healthy eating to boost your immune system. Let us take a look:


Keep Active

Physical activity is so important for both our physical health and also our mental health.  Doing just 30 minutes of moving our bodies every day can make so much difference.  A brisk walk each day lifts your mood and makes everyday activities easier.  You can see more ways to get fit here, on the NHS website.  I find having a dog makes me be active because I have to go out every day no matter what the weather.  Remember, we’re waterproof.


Don’t Smoke

quit smoking

I used to smoke but I took part in Stoptober six years ago.  If I can quit anyone can.  I didn’t find it especially easy.  I used patches, nicotine replacement gum and a vape but I managed it.  I think I vaped for about a year afterwards but that was pretty easy to stop doing.  It was more the habit than anything.  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how unhealthy and damaging smoking is.  We’ve all heard that lecture but quitting is the best thing I ever did.  So long as you don’t replace it with eating…  That has happened a little for me, which is something I’m still (!!!) addressing.  Hey, no one is perfect, right?


Healthy Eating

healthy eating

This leads me seamlessly onto my next tip.  Eating healthily.  Eat the rainbow in fruit and vegetables and mind your portion control.  I’m currently following WW which is really effective and easy to follow, especially if you do the purple plan (you don’t have to track most of the “healthy” foods you eat, for example, chicken and brown rice and pasta and fruit and vegetables.  It makes it super easy to make healthy meals.  I think the most helpful tip I can give you is to meal plan and not to shop when you’re hungry (and don’t buy that box of 10 Cadbury creme eggs that are on offer!).


Keep Hydrated

Make you’re drinking plenty of water.  It’s recommended that you drink 6-8 glasses of fluid a day.  More if you’re exercising (which you should be).


Avoid Excess

When I say excess, I’m referring mostly to alcohol and caffeine but I guess it could apply to anything.  Having too much caffeine, or having it later in the day, can affect how well you sleep.  I think the recommended cut off is 3 pm.  It may also cause you to feel irritable and add to any feelings of anxiety.  I, personally, avoid caffeine altogether because I’m really sensitive to it.  I prefer rooibos tea, etc as a hot drink.


Whilst you’re here, why not check out this post on how to ease a cold.  If you really can’t shift it, it might be a good idea to see a Private ENT Clinic.  I’ve had a perpetually blocked nose and it’s a good idea to have these things checked out.

Let’s look forward to sunnier days.  Thank you for reading.

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