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The colder months have arrived. It is time to start thinking about how to protect our health over the winter period.  A daily dose of friendly bacteria could be your answer to protected immunity and a healthy gut.

It’s important to take care of our digestive system.  Our gut has a huge influence on the performance of the rest of the body.  This can be from managing our IBS and digestive health through to keeping our immune system strong.

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What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria that help maintain the healthy levels of beneficial bacteria appear to be essential for the effective functioning of many of our activities:

  • Defending us against harmful bacteria and other organisms
  • Supporting our digestion and absorption
  • Ensuring our immune system functions well
  • Balancing our immune response so we are not inflamed or allergic
  • Helping us excrete substances such as cholesterol or hormones
  • Supporting our metabolism and cardiovascular health
  • Supporting our nervous system including mood.


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Why Should You Take Probiotics?

Chris Newbold explains “Healthy levels of beneficial bacteria are essential for the effective functioning of many of our body’s vital activities. Therefore defending us against harmful bacteria, supporting our digestion and absorption. Yet, ensuring our immune system functions well and supporting our metabolism.  

When the gut becomes unbalanced with unhealthy levels of certain bacteria either through diet or after antibiotic treatment it can result in uncomfortable digestive issues, acne, fatigue but probiotics can help restore the balance[1].


So, Probiotics act as internal healers, they aid digestion, nutrient absorption and balance our immune system. Furthermore, They help the body produce vitamins, absorb essential minerals and help to eliminate toxins.


So, General lifestyle choices can be both the problem and the solution. Consequently, Poor food choices, stress, lack of sleep, antibiotic overuse, drugs and environmental influences can all shift the balance in favour of the bad bacteria. Therefore, when the digestive tract is healthy, it filters out the things that can damage it, such as harmful bacteria, toxins and chemicals.”


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What Probiotics Should You Take?

Chris Newbold says “Not all probiotic products are equal, and there are a baffling number of options to choose from. Drinks to capsules, yoghurts or powders. As a result., one of the most convenient and easiest forms of probiotic to take is a capsule. Capsules are quick and easy. The perfect choice for busy parents or professional’s on-the-go. They can easily be kept in your bag or desk drawer.

Try BioCare’s NEW Everyday BioAcidophilus (£13.96 for 28 capsules, available from and independent health food stores)

 BioCare’s Everyday BioAcidophilus has a blend of LAB4 live probiotics and FOS (fructooligosaccharides) providing a 10 billion potency which balances intestinal microflora for overall digestive and immune health.

This BRAND NEW and UNIQUE high-potency probiotics for women’s health come in a handy 7-day strip pack. In addition, it does not need to be refrigerated so it’s easier than ever to get your daily dose of live bacteria while on-the-go.


Or for Children, try BioCare’s Red Berry BioMelts (£17.95) for 28 sachets, available from and independent health food stores)

 This BRAND-NEW children’s health product made up of a combination of probiotics and vitamin D has made giving your kids their daily dose of vitamins more fun. Red Berry BioMelts contain two strains of bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and Bifidobacterium lactis (3 billion) in combination with 300iu of vitamin D in never-seen-before delicious natural raspberry and strawberry flavoured powder which dissolves on the tongue in seconds.


Please keep an eye on my Facebook page for the upcoming Probiotic giveaway.

Lu Lovely


Disclaimer:  I was sent these Probiotics as a PR sample, however, this doesn’t influence my opinion of them being positive and healthy.
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    I am a big believer in probiotics and looking after the health of your gut. We all take probiotics daily and I think overall our health is much better for it.

  2. says: Niki

    I should really give my girls pro biotics as they take daily antibiotics. My mum said it will help and antibiotics can be quite harsh on the tummy.

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