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When The Fun Stops

Remember seeing the slogan? When the fun stops, stop. Easy really, right? I love playing poker with the family, I even play it on my phone, but certainly not with real money. I am certain if I were to play with my PayPal linked I would most definitely end up spending more than I could afford to lose. Not because I would bet frivolously, but because I would get lured into the trap of its only £10, oh, it’s only another £5 and so on. For this reason alone, I have enough self-control to make sure I only do gambling with online no value chips.

 Personally, I have seen the effects gambling can have on someone. I have seen how they’re life is stripped away, layer after layer. I remember thinking, Why do they still do it, why. Surely they need help? Who is there to help them? There, there is the stumbling block. For years I have thought that if you fell into the addiction of gambling you were on your own. There was nobody who could help. Turns out there are people, there are companies who are set up to do just that! There are now even casino sites who have precautions in place to try to help combat the chances of addiction. this is one site I found.

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Responsible Gaming

After much research into gaming sites, I am surprised by the measures in place and the help on offer. Betting sites offer fantastic games. Bright colourful pages and lots of enticing flashy bits, doesn’t sound like helpful sites then right? Well, responsible sites offer and actively encourage setting daily deposit limits. They will actually monitor activity, if they feel you are spending beyond your means or your activity seems a little extreme they will then contact you and see where they can help. This, in my opinion, is brilliant, just how many people’s lives could have been changed if a gambling site had intervened. Responsible sites even have gambling support groups online, one of which can be found here. How responsible is that! Measures put in place to keep you safe whilst playing. I’m also a big fan of Sports Betting New York. Their website navigates really well.


What To Do

Ok, I’m sure the hardest bit for anybody who becomes addicted would be to admit it. As I mentioned some sites monitor players activity so, hopefully, any problems can be detected before it becomes a life changer. They help guide you in the direction of say, self-exclusion, A process where you tell yourself no. enough for a minute. I’m about to use my rent, this is not ok, time to have a step back from it. I do wonder How many sites have that in place?

If I use my wages it will be fine I’m sure I will win in a minute, No. This is where you need to stop. If you find yourself wanting to spend more and more, take a back seat. Just an idea but set yourself a limit of what you are prepared or what you can afford to spend, if you reach it, you have had a great time but have not caused any heart ache.

Get help


A recent report suggests over 40,000 young or underage people are actively gambling in the UK. Yes, I was equally shocked at that. I do wonder whether that is due to seeing parents doing it or advertising? Either way, They need to be advised as to how to play responsibly.


According to a study conducted by researchers at Cambridge, homeless people are more likely to be problem gamblers compared to the entire UK population. I can understand the appeal to homeless people, The opportunity to try and make a few extra pounds to get a meal and so on, even still, that isn’t the responsible answer surely?

I feel more can still be done to help support and guide People who have Become subject to the gambling bug. More and more places now offer help, this can only be a good thing. I do love that internet sites are trying to do they’re bit but ultimately, the help has to start with you.Help and support


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3 replies on “Responsible Gambling”
  1. says: Joanna

    Excellent article. I feel the modern advertising trend for bingo and other gaming is SO dangerous as it lures people into big debts so easily.

  2. says: Joey

    Gambling indeed can become an addiction within no time before you realize that you are trapped in it. It is very important to cautiously monitor one’s activities and desire to spend more than they can actually afford. I have seen my friend who has got addicted to gambling and his friends are worried about this. Your blog is helpful to all people out there. Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work.

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