Turn Your Shed into a Cosy Winter Retreat

Turn Your Shed into a Cosy Winter Retreat

If there is a shed taking up space in your lovely garden that is a bit old and unloved, then why not put it to good use as a cosy winter retreat for either you or the kids to enjoy?

It’s actually a lot easier to turn your shed into a useful extra toom than you might think, and with space at a premium, it’s a really good way of using a structure that would otherwise languish or be used as little more than storage, so let’s take a look at what you can do to turn your shed into a cosy winter retreat right now.

Clear the clutter

First thing;’s first, you’re going to want to clear the shed of any clutter that you have been storing there so that you can turn it into a functional living space. After all, you won’t feel that cosy when you’re sitting next to a lawnmower or a bag of old clothes!

Add heat and light

Your average garden shed is pretty cold, especially in the winter months, not to mention pretty dark in the evenings too, so next, you’re going to want to dd heat and light. You can, of course, call a professional in to wire it up for electricity, but if you’re looking for a cheaper solution, a generator using red diesel to heat and light the shed is a good idea. You could also use a space heater and some battery-powered lights if you require a really cheap solution, too.

Add some insulation

Of course, it doesn’t matter how good your heating solution is, if there is a draught, you’re still going to feel pretty cold, So, add weatherstripping to windows and around the door, and maybe invest in a draught excluder too.  

cosy socks and green mug

Throw in some comfy furniture

Now that you’ve taken care of the practical side of things, it’s time to really make things cosy by adding a comfy couch or maybe a nice rocking chair into the space. A coffee table where you can place your drinks perch your books is also a good idea, as is a footstool for ultimate comfort.


No comfy winter retreat would be complete without lots of fluffy cushions, pillows and blankets to keep you warm and comfy as you read your favourite book with a cup of hot chocolate, so be sure to invest in lots of fleecy, furry accessories like that.

You may also want to invest in a radio, a teapot. And maybe even some candles too (just bear in mind that sheds are typically made of wood, and using any products that get very hot or which have naked flames is something that you need to manage carefully).

Finish with a rug

Last but by no means least, find a rug that covers the majority of the floor space in the shed and place it down so that your feet are as warm and cosy as the rest of you.

Enjoy your very own winter retreat right at the bottom of your garden!

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