Why It’s Important To Pick The Right Company for Hot Water Tank Installation and Water Heater Repair

Hot water issues are some of the most annoying and painful hang-ups to have for the modern householder. It is pretty much impossible to do the dishes or keep yourself clean if your hot water tank is broken. Especially if you live in an extremely cold climate for part of the year, not having hot water to circulate through your home can cause costly damages to your plumbing system if a pipe freezes and bursts. Check out this “cool” article on the subject –https://allenton.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Freezing-Bursting-Pipes_IBHS.pdf – pun most certainly intended. On the other hand, when the hot water is out, the main frustration you will face while dealing with all of the other ones will be the hassle of resolving the issue. How will you make sure your water heating needs are met in a cost effective and timely manner? Who is going to get the job done right?

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My Personal Anecdote: A True, Sad Tale

Making sure you pick the right company to fix or replace your water heater is very important. My partner and I realized this after we had a brush with the wrong folks. When I was younger, I once knew a man who went to my parents’ church who was the senior manager of a heating and air condition company local to my area. Tragically, one day he died of a heart attack while on the way back from vacation with his family, and since then the company has apparently gone by the wayside and lost their standards of service. Just last year my partner had hired them out to come and assess our water heater we thought was broken. She had just bought her first home, and only months into the mortgage, suddenly one day the heater just refused to run.

Who You Don’t Want To Hire

It made sense, after all- the home was built in the 90s– and the heating system had never been replaced. So the company in question sent a specialist to come and evaluate our situation. Not only did they charge a high fee for diagnostics, but also they recommended primarily that we replace the system for over 5 grand. Their lesser suggestion was to have it fixed for over a thousand dollars, but that it was ‘on its last legs’ and may only last another few years. Well, they got something right- that having it fixed was only a secondary solution- But the real reason that the water heater was non-functioning was actually that the propane tank was empty.

Looking For A Decent Water Heating Specialist

Of course, we wouldn’t find this out until we had a specialist from a different company come and look at it. The only thing that was actually wrong with the thing was the air filter! It had sustained so many years of use that it was clogged and therefore would have put the system in danger of overheating if it wasn’t replaced.

It’s situations like these that are the reason why you only want to associate with a HVAC company you trust. Click here if you do not know the full scope of HVAC. Clearly, the make and model of our water heater tank must have escaped the expertise of the first company.

Gary Richard’s Water Heaters Only

Gary Richard’s Water Heaters Only is an example a company that specializes solely in water heaters, and is therefore able to offer a high quality service around the clock for an area about 200km in diameter. You’ll get same-day service for replacement of both gas and electric water heaters, and even free removal to get the old one off your hands. Visit http://www.waterheatersonly.ca to learn more or to even request a free quote in case you are looking to repair or replace one or more of your water heating devices. The company has been around for over 40 years and will not fail to realize if an old heating device is still 99% functional. After all, if it ain’t broke, then you really better not be fixin’ it.

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Make No Excuse

Our water heater was an older model, yes. But the first company we chose to consult us has also been around this long, and should have had the knowledge base to realize that there was nothing systematically wrong with our old equipment. Their only excuse was that they are spread thin across many areas of HVAC, and even solar energy. A company that is going to come out to your house and get your hot water back is going to be a company that specializes in just this, with a sound knowledge of both gas and electrical heating systems

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