My Lovely May Favourites

May 2017 favourites

Another month has begun, which brings another round-up of my favourites that I’ve loved during the month of May.

Froglets & Pond


The tadpoles have grown up and had mostly now all transitioned into froglets. froglet I’ve so much enjoyed watching them as they have grown and changed.  Last week, we moved them from the tank in the dining room into the new garden pond.  I love the new pond too.  We’ve moved in two goldfish called Barry and Puffy from this book.  It was a favourite of my children when they were younger and I now often read it to my Goddaughter. ?



may lovelula

I absolutely LOVE a good subscription box but I’ve been noticing lately that you often get similar products in them, which can get a bit annoying.  This isn’t how I feel about LoveLula.

I have adored the LoveLula subscription boxes since I first discovered them last December.  It was an extra special surprise because I hadn’t remembered ordered it!  I’ve written about them before.  If you haven’t had one then I’d highly recommend giving them a try.  I always feel confident using their products because they tend to be natural and cruelty-free.

The May box was a good one!

It came with a Laidbare cleanser (which I tried using without water, as I hadn’t read the instructions properly – this ended up with my having a large amount of cotton wool stuck to my face – I looked like I’d been pretending to be Santa with a beard!).

  • I love the PHB Ethical Beauty moisturiser (always love a good quality moisturiser.
  • LissyLu and I both have been enjoying the John Masters organic shampoo and leave in conditioners.  I’ve been meaning to try this brand for a while and I like it! I’d love to try some of their hair conditioners and I will at some point.
  • The last item in the box was an Ogario London styling mist boost.  This was my least used item.  I do like a leave in conditioner but don’t tend to faff about spraying products in my hair.  I’m more of a wash and go kind of girl.  I do like the smell of this though and hope it’ll double up as a midge repellent at the farm because it has a lovely lemon fragrance.

Living Nature Foundation in Pure Taupe

living nature foundation

If you’re a (wonderful) regular reader you may have read my Spring Make Up post from April.  I talked about my interest in trying some different foundations.

I’ve been using this foundation for the last month and I like it!!  My face likes it.  Period aside (during this part of the month, my face erupts like Mount Vesuvius), my skin is looking much healthier of late.

You do need to give it a good old shake before applying it and you also need to moisturise before application, but I always do that anyway.  This is a great colour for my skin and it blends so beautifully.  I feel like it’s going to have a permanent place in my makeup bag for a long time to come.  I would recommend you pop on over to Botanical Brands and treat yourself.  The packaging was beautiful too, incidentally.  It came encased in a black fabric zip up pouch with a ribbon tied around it.  Love the little details.  I’m pretty proud of the photo I took of my foundation – Yes, I made that bouquet myself.  The florist in me will never die! ?

 The Queen Of Wishful Thinking by Milly Johnson

queen of wishful thinking

I’m a huge fan of Milly Johnson (even more so after seeing the details she went to when my son bought some signed books from her as a gift – most beautiful packaging ever!).  I’ve enjoyed every one of her books.  I speed through them because I never want to put them down.

This is (as all of Milly’s books are) a beautiful love story.  Reading it made me feel both cosy and fluffy.  It was a perfect combination of funny, heartwarming, sad and optimistic.  I was so disappointed when I got to the end because I just wanted the story to carry on but I do love a happy ending.  I love Lewis Harley.

I’d highly recommend you pop yourselves over to Amazon and get yourself a copy. Better yet, why not contact Milly Johnson directly and see if you can buy a signed copy?

My Incense Burner and Incense Cones

dog meditationdog meditation

This is the incense burner I have.  I don’t remember where I bought mine from.  It’s a metal lotus flower.  I love lotus flowers and I’m planning to have one tattooed on me somewhere once my chosen tattoo artist is no longer poorly.  The lotus flower symbolises purity as the flower rises about the mud to bloom clean and fragrant.  Take what you like from that…

lotus flower

I love the patchouli incense cones or Nag Champa.  They’re very inexpensive, but I like to light them in the morning.  They smell great and they instantly relax me and calm my mind.


As always, thanks for reading.  If you’ve tried anything brilliant this month, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section x

Lu Lovely

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage if you make a purchase using this link.   This doesn’t cost you anything but it does help cover my running costs.  I was sent the Living Nature foundation as a gift, but it didn’t affect my opinion of the product.
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