Wolf And Gypsy – Ethical & Sustainable Jewellery

I’ve recently discovered a beautiful, new jewellery brand called Wolf & Gypsy and I wanted to share this lovely and ethical brand with you.


About Tori Shay – Founder Of Wolf & Gypsy

Tori Shay - founder of Wolf & Gypsy

The name of the brand was born from Tori Shay’s son being called Rafe, whose name means ‘wolf’, and ‘gypsy’ is derived from Tori’s love of travel and adventure.

“Tori’s deep passion for working with fine jewellery and precious stones led to a new-found skill in the art of ear curation and professional ear piercing in 2015, enabling her to design a unique range of earrings with an array of different piercings in mind.”

Tori could never find jewellery that she wanted to wear herself which was also high quality and long-lasting so she decided to create her own.


The Jewellery

The Wolf & Gypsy jewellery is made from sterling silver, gold vermeil, 14ct gold, ethically sourced, conflict-free gemstones (moonstone, topaz, turquoise, emerald and diamonds) that are handpicked by Tori herself in India to ensure they perfectly fit each piece.

Wolf & Gypsy source recycled sterling silver and gold and use eco-friendly packaging throughout every process.  I really loved the way the piece I chose was packaged.  In cardboard with no plastic and then the necklace itself was nestled inside a gorgeous white box.

Wolf & Gypsy jewellery - evil eye necklace

Each piece is designed in the UK by Tori and then handcrafted and brought to life by artisans in an ethical workshop in India, where attention to detail and quality is equally as crucial.

As a brand it’s extremely important for Wolf & Gypsy to reduce harmful impacts to the environment and ensure the safety of children and the planet.


The Evil Eye Pendant

evil eye pendant

I chose this piece because not only is it beautiful, but I love the symbolism too.

“The Evil Eye Protection Necklace features a hand-drawn eye with a white topaz iris and four smaller white topaz stones stud the coin, which radiates rays of light. Our Evil Eye Protection Necklace is a talisman designed to keep the wearer safe from harm.”

It looks stunning both layered with other necklaces or worn alone.  I love that you can choose the chain length and it goes up to a 22″ chain!

Available in both gold and silver. this one is Sterling Silver plated with Gold Vermeil, chain and pendant.  It’s approximately 19mm x 23mm and the stones in it are white topaz.

I chose the gold one because I think it looks stunning and it just goes with everything.  You can buy the same one as me from here.


Thank you for reading.  Please check out my other lifestyle-related posts here.

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