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toilet paper poison

One Saturday night a couple of weeks ago, my family all went to the cinema to watch a movie.  I felt sad I couldn’t go.  For me, sometimes sadness means spending money.  On this particular night, my bank battering was around £50 on toilet roll and kitchen roll.  Yes.  I know how to live.  Shut up…

The Confession

The following day, as the fabulous domestic goddess I am, I whipped up a delicious roast dinner before blurting out,

Look, last night, whilst you were out, Ispentalmostfiftypoundsonstufftowipeyourbumwith, more gravy anyone?

MrLifeOfLovely was a bit quiet, but what can one say with a mouth jammed with perfectly roasted potatoes?

No One Likes A Poo Finger

Going back around five years, I had absolutely no knowledge of toilet roll, other than liking the most luxurious and softest of cushiony paper to wipe my butt with.  I felt like cheap toilet roll was a mistake.  I even liked the lovely scented kind and the pretty patterns.  Stupid me.  Did you know, the higher the quality, the higher the toxicity levels.

The Paper Of Poison!!

toilet roll poisonous

I would say that I don’t want to use scare tactics, but I’m perfectly at one with it on this occasion!  If it makes you think about what your skin and the skin of the family members comes into contact with, good!

⚠️⚠️ Remember, your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs what it comes into contact with. ⚠️⚠️

☠️ Standard toilet paper isn’t the colour of trees because manufacturers bleach it with chlorine.  Even recycled toilet paper is bleached.  During this process, the chlorine reacts with the molecules and fibres in the wood creating many EXTREMELY hazardous by-products, some of which are dioxins.  Other little delights whose names you’ll probably recognise are Bisphenol A (BPA) and formaldehyde. ☠️ peach bumSure you want your little cherubs wiping their peaches with regular toilet paper?

Advice from the clever people at The World Health Organization is that we undertake efforts to prevent, or at the very least, reduce our exposure to these harmful compounds.  Dioxins are extremely toxic and can damage our immune system, interfere with our hormones and even cause cancer.

Just Say No

If we stop buying rubbish like regular toilet paper, kitchen towels and tissues, manufacturers will have no market and they’ll have to change the way they do things.  There are alternatives.  Shop around.

As I say to A Teenage Life Of Lovely – Make good choices!

Who Gives A Crap

who gives a crap

Now, about my purchase that night.  I’ve discovered a very awesome brand called Who Gives A Crap.  Yaaassss!  They’re an Australian brand that has recently started shipping to the UK.  Not only do they have an entertaining name, they just so happen to be ethical and good.  Yes!!!!

The toilet paper, tissues and kitchen towels contain no inks, glues, dyes, artificial scents and NO CHLORINE.  If that doesn’t already tempt you to move to the dark light side, I’ll just tell you that they donate 50% of their profits towards sanitation projects in the developing World.

Buy some toilet roll from through this link.  It gives us both £5 off.  Yes, please.  £5 off for you.  £5 off for me.  Lovely.

More Than Just Bum Wiping

paper free toilet roll

Each roll comes wrapped in its own to prevent it from getting damp, etc.  The patterns on the wrapping are pretty and make good reading material if, ya know, you forget to take your phone into the loo with you.

You’ve Got A Nice Bum

The box is like this.  It’s currently at the top of the stairs.  The phrase has now become like a Tourettes tic to us.  MrLifeOfLovely says it every time he ascends the stairs,  Every time.  Thanks, Who Gives A Crap.  You’ve got a nice bum.

you've got a nice bum

Incidentally, this post isn’t sponsored in any way by the dudes at Who Gives A Crap.  I have no affiliation with them, nor have I been sent any PR samples.  They’re just a brand that I’ve discovered that I really like.

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