3 Reasons to Spend More Time Outside Each Day

3 Reasons to Spend More Time Outside Each Day

In the fairly recent past, the vast majority of all people everywhere – including in developed countries – would spend a significant amount of their time outside, each and every day. 

Here are 3 Reasons to Spend More Time Outside Each Day

These days, however, that pattern has shifted quite dramatically, and it’s now normal for the average person to spend virtually 100% of their time indoors unless they make a deliberate effort to go out on a regular basis.

If you’re not indoors in your home, there’s a good chance you’re indoors at the office, or in a bar, or even sitting in your car.

There are, however, real benefits to spending a good amount of time outside each day, whether that means clicking this visit website button and investigating a range of lamps to make your garden more appealing or just finding time to take a stroll each morning or evening.

Here are a few reasons to spend more time outside each day.

park bench in autumn

  • Because fresh air and sun will do you good


Vitamin D deficiency is extremely common in many parts of the world, largely because of the fact that so many of us now are no longer getting regular sun exposure due to the fact that we’re so commonly cooped up indoors. (The fact that high-strength sunscreen is so commonly used also limits vitamin D levels.)

Our bodies naturally produce vitamin D when our skin is exposed to the sun. While sunburn is certainly not good for you, regular sun exposure can protect you from the dramatically negative side effects of vitamin D deficiency.

By the same token, the fresh air you get from being outdoors can be extremely good for your health – especially considering the fact that our homes are typically filled with airborne pollutants we don’t even notice or hear about.

  • Because spending time outside helps to ground and centre you


If you’re anything like most people, you properly find that there are times when you just get lost in your own thoughts far more easily than you probably should.

This can lead to overthinking, “analysis paralysis,” and negative cycles of rumination that keep you from feeling your best, or getting started doing the things you want to do.

Spending time outside is often a great way of grounding and centring yourself, as it reconnects you with the world at large, and gives you a sense of outside perspective that just isn’t there if you’re sitting alone in your living room.

  • Because there are plenty of fun things to do outside


There are all sorts of fun and uplifting things you can do outside, that aren’t easily replicated by watching TV or films, for example.

Among other things, you can play all sorts of sports outside. Or, you could go for a good hike in the great outdoors. Or, why not go camping for a weekend, or invite some family or friends over for a barbecue?

Life can be really fun and interesting when you spend so much time outside.  Thank you for reading 3 Reasons to Spend More Time Outside Each Day.

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