Finding The Best Deals

Finding The Best Deals

I’m a bit of a tightwad when it comes to buying anything really, I am the right Victor Meldrew when it comes to buying electricals or gadgets. I can be heard from afar shrieking HOW MUCH!!! Why are these things so expensive, its got a plastic cover for goodness sakes. Yes, I am that bad.

Fathers Day Is Upon Us

This Sunday will be fathers day and if some fathers are like me, they will be thinking why, why have you spent all that on this plastic thingy, what does it do again?

Here’s the thing though, if you shop around, you can find the best deals right? Wrong, imagine this, I have been given a dash cam, awesome! Doesn’t come with a memory card, Not cool! Get in the car, drive to one shop, (how much) get in the car, drive to a different shop, (how much) you get the idea. £10 of fuel and 3 hours of my life later I have the cheapest deal I could find. That deal, however, has just cost me £10 of fuel and hours of my time, getting grumpy at other road users blah blah blah.

The Amazing Internet

Take two of getting the best deal, I sit at home, on my phone or my laptop and simply go to   latest deals  and low and behold I find a Micro sd card cheaper than on the high street and without the fuel and hassle of out and about going from shop to shop to find the best price.


If I am perfectly honest, latest deals HAve pretty much anything you could ever want and give you a list of the cheapest ones available, how brilliant is that? No having to search for hours.  Our son loves gaming, he actually lives for gaming. I found games we had already purchased for him for 40% less on some of them. (yes, I was rather Scrooged about that)


our daughter loves photography, she now also has a moped. Being sensible she has a helmet cam. Going on to latest deals, she managed to get 2 micro sd cards for less than she could get one from a local shop. Please, click on one of the links in this post and see for yourself, the savings you will make will actually leave you gobsmacked, I know I was!

Thanks for reading and please do go check out Latest deals

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