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Martha Jackson

I was recently lucky enough to be given the opportunity to receive an engraved sterling silver locket from Martha Jackson in exchange for our review.

The very fact that since receiving our review locket, I have in fact ordered a second necklace and some earrings from Martha Jackson speaks volumes of my opinion on the craftsmanship, customer services and quality of both the necklace and experience with the company.

Martha Jackson lockets

The Locket

We were given a selection of lockets to choose from, I chose this Sterling Silver Heart Locket.  The simplicity appealed to me.  I like the shape of the heart and the size of the piece.  I’m not a fan of huge, complicated jewellery.  My intention was to save the locket back as a gift for Lissy for Christmas.  It didn’t work out that way.

Martha Jackson jewellery

(The earrings in the photo are the ones I bought myself from the Martha Jackson website.  They’re beautiful and I recommend you also check them out.).


Receipt Of The Locket

My review locket arrived around three days following my confirmation of which chain length I wanted.  With my second locket that I purchased, I selected standard free delivery and it arrived within three days (you have the option to select a faster delivery time).  I was really impressed with how quickly both lockets arrived.  They arrived safely, packaged in a white, padded envelope.


The Engraving

engraved locket Alis Volat Propriis


Once I’d selected my chosen locket, I then had to decide upon which font I’d like my personalised message to be engraved in.  I chose the font “by hand”.  I think this font was the most fitting for the Latin quote I chose to have engraved onto the locket.  My chosen quote was:

Alis Volat Propriis

I wanted the quote to represent strength and empowerment.  It translates to mean, “She Flies With Her Own Wings”.  I wanted something for my daughter that she could reflect upon.  She, herself, holds the key to her freedom.  She can be anything she wants to be and do anything she wants to do.  Her future is hers and hers alone.  I want Lissy to grow up believing anything is possible.


Why Did I Buy The Second One?

sterling silver locket


I wanted another one because I really love it.  It’s such a lovely piece and this is why I couldn’t wait until Christmas to give Lissy hers.  I knew she’d love it and she does!

  I’ve always loved Latin as a language and I love the possibilities the quote conjures up in my mind.

Lissy and I have very similar tastes and having the same locket is a lovely connection to hold on to when we’re not together (I know we’re extremely cheesy! #sorrynotsorry).


daughter sterling silver locket

I chose the longer chain because Lissy wears it to school underneath her shirt.  It also means she can put it on and take it off without having to undo it.  I have a shorter chain because I like mine on display when I’m wearing it.

I think this is the perfect locket if you’re looking for a gift yourself or a loved one.  Also, they’re inexpensive if you were wanting to have two like myself and my daughter.

Thank you so much to Martha Jackson for the beautiful locket and chain.  As I mentioned before, the very fact I’ve since made a further purchase from your lovely selves is a testimony to my pleasure with the locket.  We’ve received lots of compliments on them.


Lu Lovely

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  1. This sounds like a lovely piece of jewellery and what a wonderful idea to have the same one as your daughter, I have a little silver locket and one day I would like to get my two girls one too.

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