My October 2017 Favourites

October Favourites - Clean Beauty

Well, October flew by extremely quickly!  I can’t believe we’re in November already!!

I made lots of discoveries during the month of October and, as always, I love sharing them with you.


Nizou Scented Candle

Nizou soy candle


This candle by Nizou is beautiful.  It’s made from natural, biodegradable soybean wax so it doesn’t put out any nasty carcinogens into the air whilst burning.  It also has a longer burner time that petroleum candles.  I chose the scent Romantic Damask which combines the fragrances of rose with jasmine and lily of the valley.  I have since bought another one, which arrived today so technically isn’t an October favourite but it’s this Joik one in Rose.



AiNSEL Lipstick

AiNSEL lipstick Button Up

I discovered this following an e-mail from their PR company.  The email title was “Eat Your Clean Beauty” which piqued my interest.  Makeup shouldn’t harm you if you eat it, not that I want to eat it.  Anyway, I looked into it and following a chat with them, I received this lipstick.  I really like the packaging (which is fully recyclable!).  Ainsel uses food grade pigments with no nasties.  It’s paraben and lanolin free and contains no synthetic preservatives.

It’s just a lipstick, right?  No!!  It’s uh-may-zing!  It smells like chocolate, feels like velvet on your lips and lasts a long, long time.  I’ve never worn a matte lipstick before and I certainly wasn’t expecting it to feel so nice!!

My friends have all tried this too, and they love it.  It’s also my tween’s absolute favourite and she’s constantly stealing it from my make up bag!  Check out our pictures on Instagram.  You can buy the AiNSEL range from their website.





The first time I tried this I thought it was horrific.  It contains Wintergreen oil, which is commonly associated with pain relief and smells exactly like Deep Heat.  Oof!  I thought it was going to blow my head off!

I decided to have another go before giving up on it and, after my third day, I became to really love this.  It’s a great blend of natural ingredients, is extremely refreshing and cleans my teeth very effectively.  I love the way it’s packaged (glass jar, metal lid) and I’ve been using it for around a month now.  Now, I regret giving away the second jar I purchased and I’m going to be making a further purchase from them.  I wonder if I’ll like the fennel one too.  I will buy both flavours next time.  Their website is here.



Sukin Super Greens Facial Scrub

Sukin Super Greens Facial Scrub

I’ve been really missing exfoliating my face since my last homemade one ran out.  I’ve also been too lazy busy to make another.  I was in Holland & Barrett last week and noticed they’d started stocking Sukin skincare products.  I’ve used a few Sukin products before and I’ve really liked them.

This Super Greens Facial Scrub was the first shop bought exfoliator I’ve used for a couple of years.  I really like it.  I’m happy with the ingredients, it’s the perfect amount of abrasive and leaves my skin feeling healthy and clean.  I’m using it around three times a week and following it with a moisturiser.  You only need a small amount so this will last me quite a long time.

By the way, Holland & Barrett are now stocking Pure Potions products.  Yay!



My Beautiful New Camera (Plus Accessories)

Sony WX500

I’ve been wanting a simple point and shoot camera for around a year.  Having found out how much it costs for MrLovely’s shooting season (wow!), I decided I too would treat myself.  I’m now the proud owner of the Sony WX500 in red.  I blooming love it!  I have been finding it takes really unflattering selfies, mind you.  Perhaps that’s motivation to do something about that?  It takes beautiful photos and it’s perfect for vlogging.  I just need to figure out editing videos from my laptop now…

To go with my camera, I’ve bought a basic casetwo spare batteries and a charger, a 64GB micro SD memory card and an octopus style tripod.


I’d love to hear about the things you’ve been loving lately.  I really enjoy reading about other people’s discoveries.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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  1. says: Sonia

    Oh that lipstick sounds amazing! Anything that smells like chocolate gets a big tick in my book 😉 Love the look of that camera, I hope you enjoy getting to know it and using it x

  2. says: Joanna

    You have some really nice October favorites. I need to buy a new camera as well and I am eyeing a Sony. I would like to get the A6000 by the end of the year so it’s good to hear that the brand is very good.

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