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cake for breakfast with weight watchers


If you’re a regular here, you’ll know my best friend, Tor, is a Weight Watchers coach.  Obviously, she’s brilliant and amazing.  She’s lost something like five stones with Weight Watchers and continues to enjoy being a slinky bean.  Tor has cake for breakfast most days.  Isn’t it a standard that people that eat cake every day gain weight?  Ah ha!  Not with this cake!!  This can be breakfast cake!


breakfast cake


Cake & Weight Watchers Flex

With the new Weight Watchers Flex having been updated, it makes this cake even lower in points than it was before.  As it just contains oats, banana and egg, you no longer need to point the egg.  Some people call this cake Mug Cake because many people cook theirs in a mug (obviously).



I’ve just been stalking Tor’s Instagram (thanks, Tor) and have pinched these to show you some extra variations on the recipe below.

weight watchers mug cake


Just tried the banana and egg cake with stewed apple instead of banana! I think I used too much Apple (half a large one) for the oats and egg I used. It is cooked through with the cakey texture on top but still like stewed apple on top…. with cinnamon and @sukrinuk gold sprinkled on its delicious!


weight watchers cake


One banana, oats an egg & some cinnamon topped with a dollop of zero fat greek yogurt and 1sp of date syrup!! 1sp on No Count.

There is a diabetic jam you can buy in Lidl (I forget the brand name) that’s 20sp for the entire jar.  I think I’d have a teaspoon on that on mine.  Delicious.  This is going to become a firm breakfast favourite.  I’m growing a little bored of porridge.


weight watchers mug cake


Hope you enjoy this cake as much as we do.  I’d love to hear your favourite toppings.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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