The Gift Of Giving – Box Of Favours

Mother Theresa said,

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

As I’ve said before, I love experiences as gifts.  I think that your time is something that is invaluable.  I’ve been really short on ideas of what to gift MrLovely for Christmas this year.  I’ve made a rather beautiful discovery.


Breakfast In Bed favour


Box Of Favours

I’m going to start off by telling you about the beautiful backstory that led to the creation of this thoughtful gift.  There were a couple living together; The woman was so busy with her work and the man was self-employed.  On the woman’s birthday, the man had created a way in which to give the woman what she craved the most.  Time.  Someone to make her a coffee, someone to do one of her chores for her or someone to give her a massage.  The woman thought declared this to be the best gift she’s ever received and stands by that, to this day.  You can read the backstory here.


Box Of Favours


Inside The Box

  • FAVOUR CARDS – 15 Beautifully designed favour cards with gold foil border held in place by foam cut-out finished in velvet effect. 10 of these cards have set favours and 5 are left blank for you to write your own personalised favours!
  • SET FAVOURS – Breakfast In Bed – Movie Of Choice – House Chore – I Win This Debate! – Tea/Coffee X5 – Back Massage – A Big Cuddle – Special Meal – 1hr Peace & Quiet – A Day Out + 5 Blank Cards 
  • A CONTRACT – As the Gifter, firstly you will find a contract to sign. This is your promise to the receiver that you will fulfil any of the favours upon request. The contract fits neatly in the envelope provided and sits above the cards.


Box Of Favours Box



one tree planted

Sometimes I’m  not a complete peach to live with.  MrLovely does quite a lot of running around for me.  I think this is a beautiful gift and a way of giving back.  I particularly love the “1 Hour Peace & Quiet” and the “I Win This Debate”

card.  The packaging and cards themselves are really beautiful quality.  It’s great that there are five cards for you to write your own favours on included.  I’m sure I can think up some things MrLovely will enjoy.

For every box purchased 1 tree will be planted!  I love this!!

Box Of Favours is available here, from Amazon, for £9.99.

Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

Disclosure:  I was sent the Box Of Favours to review.  This hasn’t at all influenced my opinion of the product.

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