Clean Beauty At Kind Origins

I’ve recently had the opportunity to try products from the Kind Origins website and I wanted to share with you my findings.  Clean beauty at Kind Origins is easy to shop for and I’ll tell you why.

Kind Origins review

Kind Origins

Kind Origins was founded by a lady named Grace.  As a beauty consumer, Grace began to detox her beauty cabinet and many of the products she grew up with and has been using for years has had a negative impact on her skin and body.

Encountering products that work against my skin health and well being lead me to choose more natural and plant based products.

Grace discovered the power of natural ingredients and began her journey creating Kind Origins as a market place to help consumers navigate and find the benefits of natural skincare.  Finding clean products can actually be quite tricky but buying from Kind Origins, you can trust that the label reading has been done for you and everything contains natural ingredients.

My parcel from Kind Origins was delivered within 24 hours, which I was really impressed with.  Super speedy!

I’ll share with you what was inside my parcel.


BAO Refreshing Face Wash

BAO Refreshing Face Wash review

This is a new to me brand that I’ve never tried before so I’m super happy to be reviewing this.  I love the packaging of this face wash.  It comes in a glass bottle with a pump-action dispenser.  The fragrance (natural, of course) is beautiful.  It actually is refreshing, as it says on the bottle.  It’s zesty and uplifting and a perfect cleanser for mornings, in my opinion.  It’s very gentle on the skin, yet it’s also strong enough to remove makeup.  I’m really happy with this cleanser.  You can see it here.


BAO Reviving Body Wash

BAO Reviving body wash review

This product comes in a plastic bottle (because glass can be dangerous in the shower) with a pump top dispenser.  This body wash has a really lovely smell to it.  I think it also smells a little citrusy and fresh.  It contains grapefruit and mandarin so together with the face wash, it’s the perfect wake up morning duo.  It’s a really gentle body wash and is suitable for oily and combination skin too.  You can see this product here.


TRUE Skincare Certified Organic Gentle Superfood Exfoliator

TRUE Skincare - Certified Organic Gentle Superfood Exfoliator review

This is another product that is new to me so I was really excited to try this.  Spoiler alert, it doesn’t disappoint!  Packaged in a cardboard box with a glass jar inside containing the product (I really do appreciate glass packaging!).  I really appreciate the price point of TRUE Skincare products.  I think they’re really reasonable.

This is a waterless product so you combine the powder in the jar with either water or some TRUE Skincare Facial Oil.  I’ve been using it with water though I do intend on using it with the oil also (which I also have a small bottle of).  It’s lovely to use and rinses off nicely.  It leaves your skin feeling great!  You can see this product here.


Upcircle Face Mask

Upcircle - Face Mask review

I was also sent some sachets of this face mask.  I loved it and have now purchased the full-sized product.  I know the full-sized product comes in a glass jar with an aluminium lid.  It’s a clarifying mask that is made using the fine powder of the discarded olive stones.  It’s great for skin that is prone to blackheads and with large pores.  You can see the full-sized product here.

Thanks for reading my review of clean beauty at Kind Origins and the products I’ve tried from there.  Please do check out more from my Green Beauty section.

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