Vital Ways To Care For An Ageing Dog

Vital Ways To Care For An Ageing Dog

Dogs! They are our faithful friends from the first moment that they come bounding into our lives. Of course, as they get older they tend to do less bounding and more sleeping as their energy can wain. Yet, no matter how many years they have been around, it is still our responsibility to take care of them and make sure they are as comfortable as possible. A topic you can read all about in the post below. There are some helpful tips on how to care for an ageing dog.

Use supplements in their diet 

Several supplements can be of benefit to older dogs, especially as they are more likely to develop issues with their joints, and coat. In particular, fish oil supplements can help as these will work wonders on aching or inflamed joints. Also, when it comes to inflammation CBD oil supplements like the ones you can get from are a great choice. They even come in a yummy bacon flavour so you won’t ever have trouble getting your dog to take them! 

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Also when it comes to supplementing your dog’s diet as they get older it’s a smart idea to consider adding probiotics to their diet. The reason for this is because probiotics can help support good digestive health, and keep their insides as well as everything else. 

Book in more regular visit to the vets 

Regular visits to the vets are a good idea no matter what the age of your dog. However, as your pet gets older scheduling more regular visits is best. This is because as they age the time it takes for seeming monitor symptoms to develop into a potentially major health problem is much less. However, there are so many advanced therapies and treatments now that when caught early, your pet has a good opportunity to make a full recovery.

 Make changes to the exercise you do with your dog 

An ageing dog and older dogs need walks and playtimes too. However, as the post at highlights, some changes to their regular daily schedule will need to be made as they age. For example, you may wish to reduce the distance you cover on each walk you do or keep the pace a little slower as your dog ages. 

Alternatively, why not integrate some other forms of exercise into your dog’s routine from time to time. Indeed, swimming, in particular, can be much more gentle on the joint, not to mention a great deal of fun for Fido.  

Schedule in more grooming appointments 

Last of all, if you want to take the best care of your dog possible, then making sure they get to the groomers more often is vital. This is because it can become a lot tougher for older dogs to groom themselves effectively, something that can make them more vulnerable to problems like skin irritation.  

Of course, there are other benefits of more frequent grooming sessions as well. These include them smelling a great deal fresher, and the fact that it’s easier to spot any lumps, bumps, or irregularities that need checking out by the vets if you groom them more regularly.

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