Top Green Beauty Favourites Of 2017

Top Green Beauty Favourites Of 2017

Green Beauty

Since we ditched regular toxic products around four years ago, I’ve discovered some really incredible clean beauty brands.  2017 has been brilliant in terms of discovery for me.  I’ve found some real gems that will continue to feature as favourites in my skincare and beauty routine for a long time to come.

I’m going to put my favourites into two categories: Skincare and makeup.  Here they are:


I love makeup and the way it can transform a person.  I love the way it can make you feel and the confidence it can give you.  Cosmetics are something I write about on a regular basis.  I’ve made some beautiful discoveries this year, some of which I’ve already written about and some newbies that you might not have heard me talk about yet.

Vintage Cake Liner by RMS Beauty

RMS Vintage Cake Liner

I love this so much, I dedicated an entire blog post to it.  It’s beautiful, super easy to use and very versatile.  My favourite way to use it is by working it into a paste with my eyeliner brush and using it as a dark, soft eyeliner.  You can really work in right into your lashline.  It’s very forgiving if you’re not an eyeliner pro (which I am not).  You can purchase this product here.


Lip & Cheek Tint by Ere Perez

Ere Perez cheek & lip tint

This red is Heavenly.  It’s a really glamorous red and really pigmented.  It stays on for a really long time and doesn’t transfer onto cups, glasses or other people (hee, hee).  Ere Perez have now improved the packaging and formula for this product.  This is great because it’s really tricky to apply without using a brush so the new applicator is a bonus!  You can buy this product here.


“Un” Cover-Up Concealer by RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty "Un"Cover concealer

Living Nature concealer

A concealer has been the trickiest thing to find of all the green beauty products.  This winter, I’ve been lucky enough to find two great products.  I’ve been using the RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up concealer as my preferred product because it’s very light and perfect for my winter skin.  It doesn’t clog up in my under eye creases, which I found a lot of natural concealers do.  It also lasts really nicely.  I will just say that the lightest colour is extremely light so unless you’re like Snow White, maybe go for one up from the lightest.  You can buy the RMS Concealer here.

I also have the Living Nature Concealer in light but I tend to use that more when my skin is less pale.


Nail Polish – Zoya

Zoya nail polish

This is my favourite brand of nail polish at the moment.  It doesn’t contain the usual nasties in regular nail polish.  I’ve found it to be hard wearing (you can get a good week’s wear out of it before it starts to chip and it’s a really smooth consistency to apply.  I have this in other colours but this was the shade I’ve been wearing over Christmas.


Colour Quench Lip Tint by Pacifica

Pacifica Lip Quench

I have this in three of the five shades they make it in.  That goes to show how much I enjoy this.  It’s perfect for a daytime natural lip.  Keeps your lips hydrated and gives you lips a subtle shade also.  Both of my daughters choose this as their day wear on days when they wear makeup too.  If I had to pick a shade as my favourite, I think it would be Sugared Fig.  You can buy these here.


I used to find skincare a bit of a pain in the backside, but I really enjoy it these days.  These products are an absolute pleasure to use.  There’s more than one cleansing balm on my list because I love them so much.  I tend to rotate which one I use each day.  Using them with a hot muslin or a bamboo cloth is like having a facial each evening too.  So luxurious.

Daily Cleansing Ritual by MOA – Magic Organic Apothecary

MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary Daily Cleansing Ritual

Firstly, the packaging of this product is gorgeous!  It comes on a cardboard tube containing the cloth rolled up with the glass jar at the bottom.

This is so much more than just a cleansing balm.  It’s more of a multi-purpose balm.  I use it on my lips when they are dry, on a burn on MrLovely and on a rash on my daughter.  The bamboo cloth is possibly the softest cloth ever to have touched my skin!  You take out a small amount of the balm, melt it between your fingers a little then apply it to your face.  Using the bamboo cloth (having run it under the hot tap) you place it over your face and steam the impurities out.  Aaaaaah.  Blooming bliss!


Nourish Face Polish by Botanicals

Nourish Face Polish by Botanicals

This works in the same way as a cleansing balm but has a very gentle exfoliating effect.  I’ve been using this for a few months and I very much enjoy it.  It’s ideal being specifically targeted for mature skin seeing as I mourn my skin being a spring chicken.  I think they’ve now rebranded this product now, but it’s available here.


Tea Tree Organic Foot Balm By Balm Balm

BalmBalm Foot Balm

Botanicals rescue balm


I’m obsessed with foot balms.  I need to have hydrated feet.  If my feet feel dry it makes me fall into a blind rage where I want to tear off my skin.  So yes, foot balm is an important product to me.  This was a very close call between this one and this beautiful Botanicals Foot Balm (pictured right). I think the Balm Balm one leaves your feet only ever so marginally less oily.  These are my two bestest foot products ever!  You can buy the Balm Balm Foot Balm here.


Little Miracle Rosehip Serum by Balm Balm

I got a little sample of this inside a Balm Balm cracker.  I’ve been using it most evenings and it’s been great for my skin.  Really calming when I have spots and really hydrating.  A little goes a long way so I still have plenty left.  I’ll be buying more when it runs out.  You can buy some here.

Balm Balm Christmas cracker

This was the cracker my samples came in – total bargain!!  I hope they do them again next year.


Muslin Cloths

herbfarmacy organic cotton muslin cloth

A muslin cloth is an absolute essential part of my skincare routine.  They’re great for wiping off any cleansing balms and great as a gentle exfoliator.  I love the Herbfarmacy organic muslin cloths.  I think they’re excellent value and brilliant quality at just £2.50 each.  We have a stack of these and use them a couple of times before popping them in the wash.


I cannot wait to see what new things are released in 2018.  I already have my eye on a new Ere Perez eye shadow palette.  MrLovely and my brother bought me some beautiful Jane Iredale eye shadows for Christmas and I cannot wait to have a proper play with them.

I’d love to hear about what products you’re enjoying at the moment, so please do comment below.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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  1. says: L dove

    I love this, I’m going to make a real effort with my skin care this coming year and these sound like great products. The concealer sounds fab, I also find they can clog up in the under eye area so it’s great these work so well!

  2. says: Tanita

    The muslin cloths sound fab especially for exfoliating the skin. Its so important to make an effort with your skincare routine. I notice such a difference in my skin when I cleanse, tone and moisturise every night. x

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