My Autumn Makeup – Natural & Cruelty Free

I thought I’d do you an updated version of my Spring Makeup post as I’ve made a few new discoveries since my last

non toxic make up

post and now we’re moving into the colder part of the year, it changes a little.

September brought about the almost immediate start to autumn.  It didn’t feel like there was a gradual transition, it seemed to just go from summer to autumn overnight.  Boom!

My Makeup Selections

I tend to stick to the most natural options available.  My tween also shares my makeup so I feel like it’s really important to be mindful of the ingredients.  I love organic, ethical products and have been lucky enough to discover some really great brands.  My routine still isn’t perfect – I absolutely haven’t found the perfect concealer and I am lacking a proper contour and highlighter, but I think, on the whole, these products work for me.

My Skincare Routine

Every night, before I go to bed, I cleanse my face.  I’ve recently been sent the Botanicals Nourish Face Polish, which is perfect for mature skin.  I’ve always exfoliated my skin a couple of times a week.  This product is really gentle so I’ve been using it every evening since it arrived.  I apply it with my fingers (though you can use a cotton pad if you prefer) and wipe it off with a hot flannel (or a cheeky wipe, in my case!).  It leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated.  Once I get into bed, I apply my Antipodes Divine Face Oil – my brother bought me this for Christmas last year and I’ve been using it ever since!  I was shocked because usually he just makes me choose my own gift.


I wash my face every morning so when I begin my makeup routine I’m not compacting germs and bacteria into my skin.  It’s good to start with a blank canvas.


The Base

PHB moisturiser

Before I even contemplate wearing makeup, and on the days I don’t wear makeup, I always moisturise.  I don’t have a favoured brand, I tend to use what I have and sometimes I even make my own.  At the moment I’m using PHB’s Gentle Moisturiser.  I really love this product.  It’s a great consistency and absorbs into the skin really well without being at all greasy.

natural foundation

A few minutes after I’ve moisturised (allow time for the moisturiser to absorb into your skin), I apply my concealer.  I’m struggling on the concealer front at the moment.  I’ve tried using the Lavera liquid concealer and it didn’t blend it, just clogged around my under eye wrinkles…. Attractive.  There Ere Perez concealer is too sticky for my taste and the Lavera stick concealer is okay, just not exactly what I want.  My quest to find the right concealer for my skin continues.  I’d love to hear if you’ve found a natural one that works well.

Dependent on which concealer I’m using determines whether I use a brush or my fingers.  With the stick, it’s just fingers but if I’m using the Ere Perez, it needs to be a brush.

I always use the same foundation: Living Nature Foundation.  This one works for me.  I love the ingredients, I love the brand and it gives me great coverage and lasts all day.  I apply it with my (damp) Nanshy Blending Sponge.  Once I’ve finished, I use a big fluffy brush and give my face an all over light dusting with Lavera Mineral Compact Powder in shade Ivory as a setting powder.



natural eyeshadows

I always tend to choose taupes and browns and neutral colours for my eyes.  This is extremely handy in autumn since this season is all about those colours!  I start with the light colour and apply it all over my lids, right up to under my brow.  I then apply my eyeliner.  At the moment, I’m using my Avril Natural Organic Eco-cert Eyeliner in Noir.  This one suits me perfectly well for daytime.  It goes on nicely and stays in place all day.  I apply it before my main eyeshadow because I like a soft looking eyeliner.

natural mascara

I’ll then switch between the two eyeshadow palettes in the photo above.  I blend the various colours with a brush until I get the pigmentation I’m happy with.  The case on the Benecos one is broken but I’ve been using it all year, so


I’m not too fussed.  The Benecos eyeshadow is a more matte finish whereas the Lavera eyeshadows have a shimmer to them – I have been using the lighter colour in place of a highlighter lately.  I’d like to try some other eyeshadow brands and colours and I will at some point (Christmas idea for you there, MrLovely!).

I finish my eye makeup up by curling my eyelashes with eyelash curlers and applying a coat of mascara.  My mascara is my newest addition to my makeup bag.  It’s Thickening Mascara in blackened brown by Living Nature.  I love it!  It really enhances my usually unimpressive lashes beautifully.  It’s long lasting and doesn’t make my eyes itch like others can do.


benecos bronzer

Finishing Touchesliving nature bliss

I finish off my makeup by using this bronzing duo by Benecos.  The brown shades work as my contour/bronzer and I use a small amount of the pink colour on the apples of my cheeks.

I finish the look with a coat of Living Nature’s Lip Hydrator in the shade Bliss (pretty sure this lipstick has recently won an award, but don’t quote me on that!).  It’s my go-to lipstick and also my daughter’s favourite.  I do have another lipstick by Lilylolo that I adore but I think my best friend has borrowed it…  Hmm.

I would love to hear about your makeup routine or if you have any products you’d like to recommend to me.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

I’ve used affiliate links in this post.  If you make a purchase through the links it doesn’t affect the costs but it does earn me a small amount of commission that helps towards the costs of running this site.
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  1. says: Tanita

    I love finding new products to do my make up with. I am like you too in that I do tend to pick quite natural products. I like to enhance my skin and tones more then anything and just add a little lipgloos or lipstick and mascara and then that is usually me done. xx

  2. says: Linda

    Gorgeous, such natural shades! Love the lipstick colour. Never heard of these brands before they sound like really good skin-friendly quality products!

  3. Gorgeous! I don’t tend to wear a lot of make up but I admire anyone who has a skill to do it so beautifully. That bronzing duo looks lovely, and so necessary in autumn as tans fade! Love the hydrating lipstick too!

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