Contributing to a Wider and Better Understanding of Mental Health Difficulties

Contributing to a Wider and Better Understanding of Mental Health Difficulties

In the past, mental health was a relatively taboo subject and something that the majority of us have avoided speaking about at some point or another. If individuals were suffering from mental health issues and felt too unwell to head to work, they would feign physical illness in order to take time off rather than being upfront about their problems.

Millions have gone without necessary therapy and treatment, either because they haven’t been aware of the cause of their issues themselves, or because they have felt too ashamed or wary of judgement to seek out the necessary help to improve their condition. However, nowadays, we do seem to be experiencing an increase in awareness surrounding mental health concerns. Sure, it may still be a touchy subject for many, but people are now being more vocal about their own and others’ concerns. Not only has this helped to improve the quality of numerous individuals’ lives (helping them to feel accepted, understand their conditions, and seek relevant help), but it may have also helped to save countless lives. This is extremely positive, but there is still further work to be done. Here are just a few different ways that you can contribute towards a wider and better understanding of mental health difficulties yourself!

Work in the Medical Field

If you are willing to jump into the deep end, you can truly commit to the cause of raising awareness and helping others experiencing mental difficulties by working in the medical field. Whether you choose to work in a generalised role by pursuing an MSN online, or you plan to specialise and become a psychiatrist, psychologist, or mental health counsellor, you can make a dramatic difference to the lives of those who reach out to you for help, by diagnosing issues and offering direct treatment and support.

Volunteer for a Helpline


There are numerous helplines out there that operate around the clock to offer support to individuals who are suffering from mental health issues and need somebody to talk to. This can be an extremely intense role, as you may find yourself speaking to people who are experiencing major life difficulties and who feel that they have little hope. But once you have received adequate training and are put to the job, you can find yourself quite literally saving lives. Sometimes people simply need someone to talk to.

Be Ready to Listen

There are many people who are suffering from mental concerns in silence. They will put on a brave face and carry on through life as their condition slowly worsens. This is why it is absolutely essential that you are ready to listen to anyone if they happen to open up to you about their problems. They may be testing the waters to see how people react to them. It’s important that you give them a positive experience, letting them know that they always have someone to talk to if they need.

These are just a few different steps that you can undertake in order to better understand mental health and help those who are struggling with mental health difficulties! You can read my other mental health related posts here.

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