Ten Tips For Managing The Winter Blues

Are you suffering from physical fatigue and mental burnout? Do you feel apathy and a lack of motivation from the early hours of the morning until late night? You’re most likely suffering from the winter blues, which is a seasonal affective disorder linked to the winter weather. The cold and dark days have a negative impact on our mood which can induce sluggishness, a lack of focus, and sadness. But these ten tips will show you how you can manage this time of the year and keep yourself on track and in a better mood.

winter blues


  1. Have A Good Breakfast. According to experts, breakfast should give you about 20% of the calories you need throughout the day. That being said, skip the pastry croissant and go for a whole wheat biscuit or spinach smoothie in the morning instead. You’ll want these important calories to be nutritious and filling rather than sugary, which can rapidly spike the drop your blood sugar, which contributes to mood and irritability.


  1. Take A Cold Shower. This is not a drill! Even if it’s freezing outside, a cold shower can help you fight winter blues. The secret is in alternating the hot jet with a cold one to reactivate your microcirculation and boost your energy. This procedure is called the Kneipp technique and is used in many beauty and therapy centres. Just try it to believe it!


  1. Walk To Work. Who’s walking when the temperatures hit below zero? Although considered a bit peculiar, walking in the cold air boosts endorphins that help you fight mental burnout. Moreover, walking is healthy for both your body and brain, and it will help you feel less guilty for eating that croissant and will entitle you to have a well-deserved hot chocolate in the afternoon.


  1. Enjoy Your Lunch Break. To avoid the winter blues, use your lunch break to boost up your morale and energy. Use at least one lunch break a week to catch up with friends or to have a date with your better half. A healthy social life has been proven to increase longevity and boost energy as well as mood.


  1. Drink A Golden Milk. It’s scientifically proven that some spices can boost your energy and improve your mood. Turmeric is one of them, and you can use it to prepare a delicious Golden Milk. Just warm up a cup of rice milk, add a pinch of turmeric, a pinch of black pepper, and a spoonful of wildflower honey. Stir well and enjoy your drink!


  1. Find A Winter Hobby. A winter hobby helps you keep your mind busy and gives you tons of satisfaction. Knitting is a good example of a winter hobby that can distract you from the negative thoughts, so try it out while you’re catching up on Netflix shows. If you don’t feel like knitting, yoga and mindfulness meditation have the same effects.


  1. Create A Home Spa. Take your relaxing bath to the next level and transform your bathtub into an ad-hoc home spa. There dozens of essential oils to choose from, fabulous Lush bombs, and aromatherapy fragrances to use. Just turn off your mobile and forget about everything for a relaxing hour.


  1. Care For Your Image. When the weather is cold, it’s tempting to go out wrapped in bulky sweaters and thick scarves. But don’t just throw on the first oversized jacket you can find! Caring for your image on the coldest days will make you feel better and help you manage winter blues. Choose fit garments, matching accessories, and a pair of chic boots that can keep you warm without ruining your looks and your confidence.


  1. Avoid Junk Foods. Shorter days and cold winter weather are often synonymous with watching Netflix from under the quilt while eating a cheesy pizza with double pepperoni. Stop and rewind! Shorter days and cold winter weather should be synonymous with following a healthy diet. Nutritious food full of vitamins keeps you energized and optimistic.


  1. Establish A Workout Routine. Together with your healthy diet, establish a consistent workout routine. If bad weather prevents you from jogging or cycling, head to the gym or take a dance class. Exercise will do good to both your body and mind, preventing mental burnout and helping you manage the winter blues.


Remember to practise plenty of self-care.  Please note, this was a collaborated post.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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  1. says: Debbie Bird

    Some good tips,one I found useful is to get out and socialize even if you don’t feel like it we all need human interaction and it can really help to chat to people

  2. says: Kelly

    Good ideas, I find winter difficult at home with a baby and toddler. I think we need to start wrapping up warm and embracing the cold for a good walk more often. Especially on the dry days.

  3. says: Kayleigh Watkins

    Great tips, I wish I could hibernate in the winter, I’m no good with the cold, it makes me feel depressed xxx

  4. says: Andrew Rodwell

    I’m very happy even though I will have to take medicine for the rest of my life for a serious mental health condition. I don’t get the winter blues. When I’m in between temporary jobs I enter lots of competitions on my laptop. I love the theatre, cinema and event ticket prizes which get me out an about and meeting up with friends.

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