FabLab To The Rescue!

FabLab To The Rescue!

My Eldest Daughter turned 9 in March, because this year everything came really early; Mothers-day and Easter, school holidays, it meant that we had to be super early and fit in a sleepover, thanks to the snow, then more snow we had to postpone twice but finally the weekend came and FabLabs did not disappoint!

FabLab sets


Fab Lab hair chalk


We had four 9-year-olds, a 12 and a 6-year-old what could possibly keep them all occupied? FabLabs sent us 3 different packs to review, Hair Lights, Nail Art and Glitter Tattoos. I could not wait to get the glitter tattoos out and have a play but resisted and after getting their sleeping arrangements sorted the girls got stuck in to the FabLab HairLights “a set of 6 temporary hair shadows so you can create highlights and colour streaks, ombre designs and more, they were so easy to use the girls paired up and did each others, the colours can out best when the hair was slightly damp and it gives great instructions in the booklet, even on really black hair!

Nail Art

After a break for Pizza we cracked out the Nail Art and again it was easy enough for the girls to do their own, the set contains 6 coloured and 1 clear solvent free polishes, stickers, an emery board, a fine brush for details plus some super cute heart and star sprinkles! There is a guide with 6 easy to follow styles and after following these the girls now more confident went freestyle! The BEST thing about this FabLab set is the polish just peels straight off, no remover needed and any spillage just wipes off with water! The colours are vibrant and easy to use, not too thin, only one coat needed and the brushes are perfect for smaller nails!

girls party nail painting

Glitter Tattoos

Finally, we could get out the FabLab Glitter Tattoos! I can’t pretend I didn’t love this it was amazing! There are 27 different Tattoo stencils to choose from, 4 colours of glitter, a pot of Body Art Glue (non-toxic) and a paintbrush. Tattoos picked applying the glue and glitter is definitely something for an older child or an adult to do.

girl's glitter tattoos

I really love all the designs and the glitter is really fine and easy to apply, the only negative is the brush gets clogged up and stuck together pretty quickly so keep some tissues handy to wipe after each tattoo and we used another brush so we could do more than one at a time but that was only necessary for our party! We kept going till the pots were empty and the girls were covered in glitter! At the end of the night, they came off easily with some olive oil.

I completely loved the FabLab sets (so di the girls!) and these were just 3 they have available, it made for a great party I can really recommend FabLabs 100% for their easy to use, colourful fun!!  You can read more of our family related posts here.  Thanks for reading.

Toria B xx


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