How to Get Ready For Your Trip Abroad

How to Get Ready For Your Trip Abroad

Before going abroad, it’s a good idea to prepare and make sure you’re ready for your journey.

Recently, a family member of mine (who won’t read this, so I can tell you) booked and paid for a holiday abroad and the week before they were due to fly out, realised that their children’s passports had expired.  It was such a shame.  So, here are my top tips for making sure you’re ready for that trip abroad.


  • Passports

Check they’re IN DATE.  If you don’t have a valid passport, be sure to start the application a few months prior to travel to ensure you receive it on time.  Most countries require you to have at least 6 months left on your passport after your return date.  It’s a good idea to take a photocopy of your passport and to take one with you and to leave a copy with a trusted person.

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  • Visas

Dependant on where you’re going, you’ll need to arrange a visa and it’s not always possible to arrange this once you arrive in the country you’re visiting.  Waiting for a visa can take around a month so it’s a good idea to get ahead and arrange this a while prior to your visit.


  • Vaccinations

The last thing you want to do whilst on holiday is to fall ill or to bring any illness back from with you.  It’s crucial to get vaccinated to stay safe in the country you’re visiting.  Some countries won’t let you enter unless you can prove you’ve been vaccinated and require you to have a yellow card.


  • Insurance

There are a few different types of insurance you can get when you’re travelling, for example, baggage protection, health insurance and generic travel insurance.  Make sure you do your research and find the best option for you.  If you’ve paid a lot for your time away, it’s a great idea to get cancellation insurance in case something prevents you from being able to travel.


  • Medication

If you take medication, you’ll need to organise to have plenty for your travel.  Take more than you need because it’s likely that it will be difficult to get your prescriptions filled aborad.  It’s a good idea to make copies of your prescriptions to take with you.  Check to make sure you’re allowed to take your prescribed medications with you, for example, cannabis isn’t legal in the UK but you can get it on prescription in some US states and other parts of Europe.



  • Packing

I love packing.  It’s one of my favourite things about going away.  Making lists (I’m a list maker) and being prepared.  Check your baggage weight allowance for the airline you’re flying with.  Invest in some good suitcase locks and keep valuables in your carry on bags and, once you get there, in the hotel safe.  Remember to leave extra space in your luggage to bring souvenirs home!


I think I’ve covered the most important points here.  If you’re planning on going abroad this year, I hope you have a lovely time.  Please check out my other lifestyle posts.

Thanks for reading How to Get Ready For Your Trip Abroad.


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