No Count Fakewell Tarts – Weight Watchers Friendly

No Count bakewell tarts

I keep harping on to anyone that will listen just how much I’m enjoying the “No Count” Weight Watchers plan right now.  No tracking everything that passes your lips.  You stick to a list of foods and if you want anything on the list, that’s fine, just track it.  I’m currently in my third week and have lost four pounds in two weeks (No!  It’s not down the back of the sofa – shut up, I’ve heard that joke too many times!).  I haven’t gone hungry and I’m certainly not denying myself anything.


I’m very focused on planning at the moment.  When we go out, I often take a snack with me, in case I get hungry.  Very bad things happen when I’m hungry and in the big wide World.  It leads to bad choices and me eating the wrong things.

Fakewell Tarts

These are my favourite treats this weekend.  I’ve made them a few times because I felt like the recipe needed tweaking.  Here is my favourite version.

no count cake

 This is a really useful website about Xylitol.

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    1. 180 degrees celsius is 356degrees Fahrenheit. Xylitol is a natural sugar mostly from birch bark. You can use any sweetener, I just like xylitol. Hope that helps 🙂

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