January Favourites 2019

It feels like Christmas was only five minutes ago but we’re now officially a month into the new year.  Happy January.  I’ve made lots of discoveries of new things this month.  This is probably one of my favourite types of blog posts to write.  Well, these and anything to do with green beauty and makeup.


Tattooist Of Auschwitz

The Tattooist Of Auschwitz

I was especially interested to read this book as I visited here back in my early 20s.   The book was beautiful.  It was sad in places and the inhumanity of the whole affair takes my breath away.  The way people were treated and massacred, there are just no words.  I feel like this book was ultimately a love story between two people.  Lali’s is a very likeable and admirable character.  If you haven’t already read it, I recommend it.  You can buy this book from here.

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The Winter Retreat Book

The Winter Retreat Book

This A4 sized book is bursting with motivational quotes, puzzles, sensory activities, evidence-based self-care, money saving tips and much more to get you through the holidays.  The Retreat follows a nine square self-care grid, and when each is nurtured this can help you to feel fulfilled and calmer.  It’s perfect for this time of year and it’s great if you need a little pepping up.  This workbook is available from here.


Avocado Lip Balm by Cacti Cosmetics

Avocado lip balm by Cacti Cosmetics

I love the packaging this lip balm comes in.  It’s a compostable/recyclable cardboard tube.  The lip balm itself is lovely.  Nourishing shea butter and virgin avocado oil.  I’ve been using it during the day, but I my upstairs lip balm is almost out so I’ll use this as my main overnight lip balm (I can’t sleep without lip balm on).  I’ve just seen they also have a Rosehip one, I bet that would be awesome for spots as well as for lips.  Anyway, here’s the link.

I have another lip/cheek balm in a cardboard tube that’s tinted and perfect during this day.  It’s from Urb Apocathary.  I’ve had it for around 6 months and I love it.  I bought this one from a Zero Waste shop online called Acala.  Here’s the link.

Urb Apocathary lip balm



Sex Education

Sex Education

A teenage boy called Otis has a mother who is a sex therapist.  He meets a girl at school Maeve and together they begin giving people advice about their sex lives.  The characters are really likeable.  It makes you equally laugh out loud and cringe.  See it here.

Big Red – The Van

transit van conversion camper

There’s a whole post on this coming soon so I won’t bore you with it now, but it’s looking really good inside now!

I love new year’s.  It feels like a new beginning.  This month has gone really quickly but it also went really well.  I hope you’ve had a good month too.

Lu Lovely

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