Keeping Your Data Safe With The diskAshur² HDD

Keeping Your Data Safe With The diskAshur² HDD

diskAshur2 HDD

Do you ever worry about your data being stolen?  Think of all the memories and files you need to be stored somewhere when you run out of storage on your laptop.  I like mine kept secure on the diskAshur2 HDD.

If you read our Father’s Day Gift Guide, you will have seen my review of the datAshur Personal² USB flash drive.  Though I would love to be all James Bond, I’m not. Think more Ray Mears crossed with Grizzly Adams. I could keep you alive and live off the grid for years but struggle at times to work a microwave! Saying that I have become far more proficient in recent years with blogging and so on. iStorage have just released a super high tech gadget which is very James Bond, if you ask me.


diskAshur2 HDD


What Is It?

What is it? Putting it simply, This is a portable external hard drive. Nothing new and great there then? Wrong! this little hard drive is so sophisticated, it’s scary.

Portable hard drives have been around for many years, THe problem with them, of course, is anyone can attach it to a laptop or pc and if it’s not password protected, gain entry within seconds. If you do have password protect, most people with average computer skills will be able to access it in a few minutes. Maybe you don’t have the secrets of the world on the portable hard drive but maybe, just maybe you have sensitive material on there, maybe you have photos of your family, loved ones, You don’t want other people having these right?


Bursting With Security

Did someone say military? Oh, you see the diskAshur uses military-grade AES-XTS 256-bit full disk hardware encryption. Unless you are capable of hacking the military, you aren’t getting in. Software free, being software free, it is capable of being used with any device that has a USB port, Windows, Linux, Chrome an Android are all good to go. With capacities starting at 500 Gb you are guaranteed plenty of space. Add to this the 7 to 15 digit pin access you have a seriously secure drive.

diskAshur² has a brute force hack defence mechanism, this means if someone enters the pin incorrectly 15 times, the drive will assume it is being hacked. Once the drive assumes it is being hacked it will delete the encryption key lock itself rendering all the information stored on the drive as lost forever. If this happens, the drive can then be reset to factory settings and redeployed.

All of the components of the hard drive are completely covered by a layer of super tough epoxy. This means any attempts at breaking to the hard drive will render it useless. Also, the epoxy coating is wear resistant. This stops hackers from being tipped off by wear marks on the keypad, clever.

Another great James Bond feature is the self-destruct feature. You can pre-program the drive with your own self-destruct pin which, once implemented instantly deletes the encryption key, all pins, data, and then creates a new encryption key. That is seriously gadget awesomeness.


Coffee Time

Something which has happened many times in our house, Drinks spilt on things. On one occasion one of the teens knocked a drink over, it landed on the power supply to a games console, ruined. Another occasion saw a friend visit with a new puppy which got very excited by our dogs and put a pint of squash all over a laptop. How many times have phones been dropped in toilets or sinks? The diskAshur is rated IP 56 so is dust and waterproof.



Is It All Necessary?

I think so yes. With laptops, tablets and smartphones being of limited capacity and fragile, it pays to back up your data. Why would you have a password on the laptop but not the portable drive? Would I hedge my bets you have a password on your phone right? Fingerprint recognition? So, why not have that level of security for the same info when you back it up? The drive itself is super light, weighing in at a super light 216 grams. The diskAshur is so tiny you can slip it in your pocket and the awesome case gives it even more protection. You really do feel like James Bond when you use it. I love it! I forgot to mention, the drive even comes with a USB extension, brilliant right? Powered by USB 3.1 this drive is super fast too. Check out this drive and the other products offered by Storage here.

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