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Today brought the delivery of my February LoveLula Beauty Box.  I’ve only ever had one of these before and I was really impressed with it, so this arrival of this month’s box was much anticipated.  LoveLula pride themselves on only working with brands that create products using ethically sourced, high grade, natural and organic ingredients.  They don’t use anything that contains parabens, SLS and they are cruelty-free.  Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is the devil, in my opinion, and I never use anything with that or parabens in.  You can read more about SLS here.  I admire the simplicity of the packaging.  It’s completely recyclable and I love both the ethos and the look of the box.  The subscription box is available for £12.50 a month directly from the LoveLula website.

The box, which contains five products, just so happened to arrive as I was jumping in the shower so I’ve already tested out three of the products.

Botanical Body Wash by Greenfrog (Neroli & Lime)

I haven’t used anything other than my handmade soap for the last three years, so to use an actual liquid body wash felt like a luxury.  It’s a lovely rich consistency. The scent isn’t one I wouldn’t choose.  I find the essential oil, neroli, to be a bit strong for my liking, however, I adore that this wash is made from organic soapberries!

Skin Food By Weleda

I love the fragrance of this thick, nourishing cream.  I put this on my face after my shower but I felt like it was a pretty heavy moisturiser for during the day, but I’d use it at night.  This would be amazing of your hands or feet (I’ve actually just put some on my hands and I love this!).  It feels like a good solid winter moisturiser and I can see why they’ve aptly chosen the name Skin Food.  I’ll be applying this to my feet before I go to bed tonight.

Natural Marula Replenishing Face Oil by Ooh!  Oils Of Heaven

I’m rather new to the delights of face oils.  It took me a little while to get used to the feeling of smearing oil on my face.  I did initially worry that it would clog my pores, but that isn’t the case at all.  I’ve now been regularly using face oil for a few months now and I love them.  They absorb into your skin and leave it feeling moisturised.  The little glass bottle that this oil comes in is really cute, and being glass, easy to recycle.  I’ve used this one today and it’s been lovely.  It absorbed quickly, felt light and had no noticeable smell.  I’d use it again, particularly after reading about the nourishing ingredients this oil packs.

Nail Polish (in shade “Jasper”) by Maggie Ann

I adore the colour of this nail polish.  It’s exactly the shade I would have chosen if I’d been shopping for it myself.  It’s quite a nude, mushroomy pink colour.  Gorgeous!!  This nail polish advertises being a 6 toxin free (which is a win in my opinion!), gel effect, ultra glossy and high shine.  I think that about covers it.  It’s easy to apply and quick to dry.  I also read that it’s easy to remove too but I wouldn’t know about that because I only applied it on this evening.

Micellar Water by Madara

This product is brilliant!  I haven’t worn anything on my skin other than the facial oil today, yet this impressive liquid removed more dirt from my face than I’d like to admit.  You just squirt some liquid onto a cotton pad and cleanse your face with it.  It’s said to remove makeup and impurities, balance and hydrate in one single step.  Brilliant for those evenings when I cannot be bothered with my usual honey cleanse.  I would absolutely buy this product, having tried it.  I can’t decide if the nail polish or this micellar water is my favourite product in this month’s box.

I’m going to continue to use these products until they’re all finished and I’ll look forward to the March LoveLula Beauty Box.  To order yourself a LoveLula Beauty Box and to look at the other lovely things they sell, pop along to their site, here.

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