My July Favourites

July.  Gone.  I have mixed feelings about the speed with which this month flew by.  I’m glad it’s over because it’s been a really difficult month for me on a personal level, however, I’m sad it went so quickly because it took with it things I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to.  My daughter has finished her last ever day at Primary school and this is a really big change.  I’m sure she’ll write about this herself if she sits down for long enough.

I’ve discovered some rather fabulous things this month that I want to share with you.

Game Of Thrones

Wow!  Now, I realise I’m really late to the party on this one.  I’d been recommended Game Of Thrones as a “One To Watch” so many times before but the episodes are each almost an hour long and there are a lot of them.  That’s a pretty big commitment.  I finally started watching it this month and I’ve binge watched my way through all six of the first episodes.  That’s a lot of TV time.  I’m not sorry.  It’s amazing.  I seriously think I’m in love with half man.  Him or Samwell Tarly.  Tyrion’s wit and bluntness kills me and Samwell is just so cute I want to squeeze his face off and throw him down the stairs.

where are my dragons

I am loving the new series!!!

Active Manuka Honey – Hydrating Gel Mask

The lovelies at Botanical Brands very kindly sent me a sample of their Active Manuka Honey Hydrating Gel Mask.  Around the time I’m flying my red flag (you know?  When Auntie Flo is visiting?), my skin develops all manner of evils.  Blocked pores, blackheads, spots, the whole nine yards!  I really thought at my age, I’d be past this.  Anyway, during this time, my skin likes some extra TLC.  LissyLu and I often have a bit of a pamper evening whilst the others are out fishing.

gel face mask

When I first opened the tube I was surprised at the herbaceous smell.  I was not expecting that.  Also, you know how some masks are really messy to apply and you need a plethora of towels and cleany-up-stuff?  This isn’t one of those.  In fact, whilst I’ve been typing this paragraph, I’ve just popped some one without needing to go and wash my hands before resuming typing.  Both Lissy and I really like this mask.  It calmed my angry period skin down and I’m still using it on a regular basis.  Yaassssss.

New Knife

Mora knife

I bought this Mora Unisex Wood Carving Knife.  I use it for spoon whittling.  I’m one of those hippies.  I love creating things and I’ve always enjoyed whittling and wood carving.  I can’t say I’m actually any good at it, but I do find it cathartic.  My whittling activities are sporadic.  I can go years without making any then I’ll make a few in one month.  July and August are going to be like this.

spoon whittling

I love this knife and, on my goodness, it’s fantastic.  It goes through wood like it’s butter.  Obviously, I’ve blunted it now and I’ve just ordered some sharpening tools (this sharpening strap and this smurf poo) to remedy that.

Plastic Free July

It’s okay.  I’m not going to rant on at you all over again.  If you didn’t read my previous post, you can find it here.

Unicorn Hair

LissyLu and I colour our hair with temporary hair dye every summer.  This is our third coloured hair summer.  This year, we’ve used Colour Freedom from Superdrug.


It’s really easy to use.  We bought the colours Pink Pizazz, Tropical Aqua and a tube of the Pasteliser.  We’ve done our streaks by starting with the pink then blending it into purple using the blue and finishing with just the blue.  We’re pretty happy with them.

It’s almost 1am and I’m going to bed now, so this will conclude my July favourites.  August is already looking to be a good month.  I’ll share my Summer favourites soon.

Thanks for reading and, as always, I love to read your comments so please do say hello.

Lu Lovely

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17 replies on “My July Favourites”
  1. says: Emma

    I am a huge game of thrones fan – it’s brilliant! I watched the first 5 series all in a few weeks before series 6 and then hated the year long wait for this series! My favourite characters are Tyrian and Danerys x

  2. says: Sonia

    I really need to start watching the new season of GOT. I’m usually on it as soon as it comes on but I seem to have been too busy to start this time! I will wait until it finishes now and binge watch the whole thing x

  3. says: Ky

    I love Game of Thrones, and the new series is soo good! Loving the unicorn hair, I’ve been meaning to check out the color freedom range from superdrug for a while now.

  4. says: Tanita

    Ooh the gel mask sounds amazing. I love using a mask when I have a paper evening (they are rare these days!) Manuka honey is supposed to be so good for you as well. x

  5. says: Jacinta

    I’m with you on GoT – sad it’s coming to and end now and we have to wait till forever till it hits our screens. What a lovely hobby – whittling and wood carving!

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