No Thanks, I Don’t Want Your Cabbage Plastic! Reusable Produce Bags

My Mission

In January, I decided that I wanted to stop using single-use plastic. Reduce, reuse and refuse!  Now, when I say single use plastic I mean, for example, carrots in a plastic bag that I neither need nor will never reuse or a cabbage wrapped in plastic.  I really don’t need my vegetables or my fruits sealed in plastic.  I’m perfectly capable of using my hands, selecting my own produce and putting everything in my reusable bags.  I have two different kinds of reusable bags.  I have a bundle of them that people bought me from Amazon and I have the bag that contains a set of five that I bought just before Christmas.  The ones I bought before Christmas are great, but having a large family, I needed more than five.  The set of twelve is lovely.   I think they’d be great for popping in the washing machine with your delicates too!  Multiple uses!

After almost a whole month of refusing single-use plastic as much as we can, I feel like we’ve made a big difference with regards to how much waste our house produces.  We’re still far from perfect on the plastic from, but there has been a significant change.  We’ve put out around a quarter of what we ordinary would put into our wheelie bin.  I feel like that’s a pretty solid start, I’ve completely disproved my other half (who thought my venture was pointless but is now a convert!!).

Waste-ing Time?

I was beginning to feel really disheartened at the tail end of the month.  Just the other day, I went in to my local farm shop, with my own container, for some chicken breasts.  The girl behind the counter seemed quite confused when I asked for two chicken breasts just straight in my container without any plastic wrapping.  She flopped the chicken into my container and then weighed my container with the chicken.  I pointed out that I’d rather not pay for the weight of my container along with the chicken.  She sighed, picked up some plastic, weighed my chicken then flopped the chicken back in my container, leaving the plastic wrapping on the side.  This made me sigh.  Some days I just don’t feel like explaining that I want to create as little plastic waste as possible.

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