LoveLula Natural Beauty Club

LoveLula Beauty Club

The Natural Research

Over the last few years, I’ve spent a lot of time researching and curating lists of brands and products that I feel comfortable using.  It wasn’t a five-minute job.  I had to research the ingredients in the products, research if the ingredients they used are considered safe for use in cosmetics, if they’re ethical and if they’re “good”.  Then I had to decide if, after all that, it was still a product I would feel comfortable using and allow my children to use.  It was not easy.

Little Ondine

Feeding My Subscription Addiction

I love subscription boxes.  It’s like a present arriving every month because you never know what new gems you’re going to discover inside them.  I’ve had so many subscription boxes this year, but the LoveLula one is consistently my favourite and the one I’ll continue to subscribe to.  It really is great value for money (starting at £13.95 per month) and I know I never need to worry about the ingredients in the products.


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I happened upon LoveLula, by chance, last year whilst on one of my product seeking missions (there have been a lot!).  I ordered one of their subscription boxes and been a huge LoveLula fan ever since.


LoveLula Natural Beauty Club


LoveLula Beauty Club


A few months ago, LoveLula started up a Facebook group called LoveLula Natural Beauty Club.  I joined it a couple of months back but I’ve been joining in with the chats more and more lately.  I’m really enjoying chatting to people and reading about what products they’re using, what’s working for them and about their various new discoveries.  There are lots of other knowledgeable people and brains to pick if you have a question.  There are even some amazing skincare product founders in the group, such as Kimberly Sayer, Dee Stein from ESSE and Ben Lyons from Lyonsleaf.  It really is the best place to go for natural beauty chats.  Everyone in the group is like-minded as we all have a similar ethos about skincare ingredients.  It’s a great little community.

Check out the LoveLula subscription box here or come and join in the chat on Facebook.  Hoping to see you there!

Lu Lovely


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  1. says: Heaven

    I have never done a subscription box but have always wanted to try one! I will have to consider something like this. I love that you were able to talk to others about their subscription box and well and the products. That seems really helpful!

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