The Introverts Dating Guide

The Introverts Guide To Dating

Dating can be extremely hard for introverts.  I have a friend that I went to school with.  He’s an introvert and finds everything to do with dating so difficult.  Where to meet people, what to say, where to go on a date.  It can be a minefield if you feel socially awkward.



Where To Meet A Potential Date

Characteristics of being an introvert can mean that you don’t like spending extended periods of time in public.  Small talk can be difficult and your mind can go into overdrive with overthinking.

?? My best advice is to pay attention.  Speak to strangers.  So many people find love by chance meetings.  You see someone browsing through your favourite magazine in a shop, comment.  Someone has the same lunch order as you, say something.  Not everyone bites (unless you ask really nicely!).

?? What about giving volunteering a go?  You’ll have a positive focus on doing a job and it will give you a chance to meet new people

?? Join a foodie group on the internet and pop along to one of their events.  It will give you a topic from the get-go and you won’t be lost for a conversational starter

?? Going for a walk at a local nature spot – Dog walkers are often really chatty and friendly, the great outdoors presents a great opportunity to meet someone

?? Hobbies – Fishing (I say that because I met my socially awkward partner at a fishing competition), dancing, or cookery.  Something like that.  Again, your focus is on something other than having to think up conversational titbits.

?? Online.  There are some great places to meet a person online.  Be open on your profile – if you prefer a quiet night in playing Cluedo than a night on the razz, let people know that.  Meeting someone online allows you time to get to know a person and build a rapport before the first date.



The First Date

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous on a first date.  You’re a minority if the prospect of meeting a stranger in a premeditated location for a date doesn’t make your knees quiver slightly.  There are a few things to make the first meeting less uncomfortable for you.

? Choose a venue that you’re already familiar with

? Maybe a restaurant that you’ve been to before

? Why not suggest going for a walk so you’re not sat in front of each other feeling a pressure to talk

? Seeing a movie together is a great one because you’re spending time together without having to be constantly thinking up conversation ideas and after the movie, you have something in common to chat about

? If you feel stuck for something to say, ask a question about the other person.  Similarly, be open to questions asked – it’s this part of a meeting that a connection begins to form, even if it does feel like aimless small talk


Beginning your search online is often the best place to start meeting new single people.  Check out these sites: Berkshire DatingShropshire Dating, Sheffield Dating, Single Men In Norwich and Belfast Dating.  If you’re just looking for something casual, check out No Strings Dating.


Be open and smile.  I wish you luck.  You can read my other dating posts here.

Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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