The Good Life

horny goat pictureI’ve had a university student, who is doing a degree in photography, following me around this week.  This might sound like a chore but it’s actually been a total pleasure.  Zoe is doing her project on zero waste, sustainability, rearing your own meat and growing your own fruit and vegetables.  She likes that we live like The Good Life.

Our Animals

It’s been a brilliant week for it because the baby lambs have arrived.  This year, we’ve boughtlambs photo the ewe with the lamb at foot.  This means no night feeds, no warming the bottles of milk and no artificial milk.  It’s brilliant.  I really enjoy keeping sheep and I’m no longer Farmer-Three-Sheep.  We now have fourteen.  That’s pretty much a whole flock!  I’m like Mary with a little lamb!  Except I’m called Luan and instead of having one lamb, I have six!!!  Okay, I’m not like Mary at all then really.

I digress!  I’ve known Zoe for almost ten years and since starting university she has become a moisturiser ingredientspretty great person to spend time with.  Zoe knows very little of the toxins in our lives.  She had no idea about the dangers of parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate or that our meat is intensively reared and injected with growth hormones and antibiotics and such like.  It makes me wonder why these things aren’t taught as standard at school.  How is it that our nation has such little knowledge of just how toxic our lives are if we aren’t reading labels and paying attention to what we put in and on our bodies?  Products made be made without toxins.

I showed Zoe how to make her own, toxin free moisturiser.  She has very sensitive skin which is only made worse anytime she puts unnatural products on in.  Let’s bare in mind that our skin is our largest organ.

Growing Vegetables

Spending time at the allotment today, Zoe saw her first ever broccoli plant and her reaction was hilarious.  She couldn’t believe that the plant she was stood in front of was where broccoli grows.  She wasn’t even aware that broccoli grew above ground.  Then we came to the spinach.  Zoe thought spinach was tiny leaves so when faced with a leaf the size of a dinner plate, she couldn’t believe it was a leaf of spinach.  It turns out the only spinach that has ever passed Zoe’s lips is prepackaged baby leaf spinach from a plastic wrapper in a supermarket.

 We popped to the garden centre because I needed to pick up a few more packets of seeds.  We bought some seed potatoes and Zoe was pretty confused how a potato was going to grow more potatoes.

Zoe is an intelligent girl and in her student halls is the only person out of ten other students to cook fresh, healthy food each night.  Despite this, I was still surprised to learn how little people know of where their food actually comes from.  I’ve always grown my own vegetables, even when I photographer pigsonly had a back garden to grow them in, hence my taking this knowledge for granted.

Zoe finishes University for the year in May.  We have bought her some courgette seeds.  Courgettes are her favourite vegetable and I’m going to encourage her to grow her own this year.  It will be great for her to be involved in growing vegetables this year.

? I’m very much looking forward to seeing her finished photography piece! ?

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