The LoveLula Beauty Box – January 2019

The LoveLula Beauty Box - January 2019

The first box of the year!  How exciting?  This month’s box is worth a generous £54 and when you consider the subscription boxes start from £12.71, you’re getting an absolute steal.  You can sign up for the LoveLula Beauty Boxes here.

So, what was in this month’s box?  I’ll share it with you.


Lavender Hand Cream by Balm Balm

Balm Balm Lavender Hand Cream

I love the way this hand cream is packaged, it’s in a dark glass jar with a plastic lid.  The hand cream itself smells lovely.  It’s made with sunflower seed oil and shea butter which is really nourishing for your skin.  I think this would be best used as an overnight balm with cotton gloves because it’s quite an oily product.  It would also work wonders on feet overnight too.  If you use a small amount (unlike the amounts I’ve been slathering on – dry hands) then it’s great for use during the day too.  This is a new product from Balm Balm and isn’t yet available anywhere else.  You can shop this hand cream here.


Supreme Hydration Body Lotion by Madara

Madara Body Lotion

I think this is my favourite product from this month’s box.  I have lots of Madara products and they never disappoint me.  This lightweight body lotion smells gorgeous with hints of jasmine and meadowsweet.  It absorbs into your skin really quickly.  It’s perfect to put on all over after a shower and leaves your skin feeling nourished and smelling fab.

Infused with NEURO WELL BEING BIO-COMPLEX: stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis; prevents neuroageing; delivers divine softness; calms and comforts.

You can purchase this product from here.

Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask by Dr Botanicals

Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Sleeping Mask

This is an overnight treatment and it’s lovely.  You apply a thin layer onto clean, dry skin before bed and allow it to sink in and leave it on overnight.  You can use this once or twice a week.  You just wash this off in the morning and carry on your usual skincare routine.  I thought this might have left a mark on my silk pillowcase (I’m not vegan and they’re great for your skin and hair) but it didn’t at all.  You can purchase this product from here.


Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum by REN

REN Everclear Anti-Redness Serum

This product is formulated to target signs of ageing.  It’s said to;

Reduces inflammation, redness, and irritation. Strengthens the capillary walls. Boosts cell lifespan and hydration levels. Protects cells, reduces UV induced inflammation and supporting good bacteria. Keeps skin looking younger for longer.

Sounds about perfect for my skin, since I’m 39 in a couple of weeks.  Eeks.


This concludes the contents of this month’s box.  You can browse the LoveLula shop here.

You can read my other green beauty posts here.  Thank you for reading.

Lu Lovely


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