Things To Consider Before Planting Trees

Things To Consider Before Planting Trees

Curb appeal is imperative for maintaining your home’s overall value and quality, but it can be challenging to keep up with the interior and exterior simultaneously. Landscaping is one of the best ways to keep up with excellent curb appeal; in fact, gorgeous trees can add a lot of value and appeal to your property. If you want to plant trees but don’t know where to start, you may benefit from learning about these things to consider before planting trees.

Size of the Potential Planting Site

The potential planting site is an incredibly important factor to consider before adding any trees, as it can cause issues down the line if not chosen carefully. For instance, if you plant a large tree in a small spot, it will likely outgrow the plot as it matures. Therefore, you should always choose a spot according to the mature size of the tree you’re planting.

Pro Tip

Most trees require adequate sun exposure to thrive—choose a spot that receives several hours of sunlight daily.

Soil Quality

Soil quality is a big deal when it comes to tree health. You may have to do some soil testing to ensure your land has the proper nutrients and pH for your new tree. In addition, drainage is another soil factor to consider since many trees don’t do well in areas that don’t drain easily. If your soil test reflects issues with nutrients or pH, you might need to use additives to make necessary improvements.

Future Care and Maintenance

It’s no secret that most new trees require more maintenance than mature trees, but you must take into account the future care and maintenance needs of your specific tree. Some varieties need more water than others, and some require additional pruning or disease protection throughout the year. With a few tips for checking tree health, you can keep up with your newly planted shrubs and trees and ensure they stay strong. Overall, deciding whether or not you can commit adequate time to care for them is the most important thing to consider.

Your Neighbors’ Opinions

Although you may not usually care what your neighbors think about the things you do on your property, you might want to consult them before you plant any trees. If you plan to choose a site near a property line, a new tree may also impact their property. With that said, you should think about their opinions before digging the hole.

Hopefully, these things to consider before planting trees will help you with the process. Flowering or fruit trees are incredible options to improve your curb appeal and landscaping, but keep in mind that they may require additional care and attention to grow successfully.

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