Introducing Leonie Botanics

Introducing Leonie Botanics

One of my very favourite discoveries of 2022 was the small indie beauty brand, Leonie Botanics.  I’ve spent the last few months using their amazing Sweet Dreams Rejuvenating Face Oil, which not only smells amazing but also has been working wonders on my skin whilst I sleep.  I’d like to introduce you to the founder and director, Kezzia, who I had the pleasure of meeting in December at a Christmas market in Bournemouth.  Kezzia is a skincare mastermind and I cannot wait to see more from her wonderful brand coming this year.

Leonie Botanics Sweet Dreams Rejeuvenating Face Oil

About Leonie Botanics

“The name Leonie Botanics has a two-fold special meaning.

1: Leonie is my middle name and has associations with both my grandmother’s and grandfather’s sides of the family.

2: Leonie is a Latin-origin feminine given name meaning “lioness” and links to the logo of dandelion seed heads. Dandelions have great significance in many cultures across the world, the plant is believed to be a symbol of hope, growth and healing.

Leonie Botanics skincare products are always: synthetic-free, mineral oil-free, palm oil-free and cruelty-free. There are no animal derivatives, so it is completely vegan-friendly, and my Sweet Dreams Rejuvenating Face Oil has just won a prestigious Vegan Choice 2023 Award.

I feel very passionate about the welfare of animals and the impact of deforestation on natural habitats.

Unfortunately, palm oil has been the main driver of deforestation which is causing already endangered species to face extinction such as Orangutans and Borneo Pygmy Elephants.

At Leonie Botanics, I refuse to use any palm oil or palm oil derivatives in my formulations, and I have gone to great lengths to ensure that no ingredients contain any palm oil throughout the production process and supply chain.

Having tried numerous products over the years, including ones designed for sensitive skin, I could never seem to find anything that my skin would accept. I would either suffer from more breakouts or redness and irritation.

I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands and look at formulating my own products. This is when I discovered Formula Botanica and enrolled on their Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program.

I believe it is possible to create quality skincare without compromising my values. My aim is to provide a small but mighty range of natural skincare products with planet-friendly active ingredients to help keep your skin nourished and healthy.”

You can shop for Leonie Botanics on the website here.

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