UXB Skincare – Skin Targeted Cleansers

UXB Skincare - Skin Targeted Cleansers

I’ve been lucky enough to discover a wonderful new brand of shower gels that I’m really enjoying using right now.  The smells are absolutely divine and they leave my skin feeling as soft as the dappled sun on a freshly cut lawn.  My skin’s microbiome instantly becomes a utopia of happiness upon contact with these products.  Seriously, they’re very good.  I’m currently using the brown rice and honey one which smells like happiness and holiday to me.  I love that they’re all handcrafted in a man’s kitchen too.

We all realise that showering is not the best thing for our skin right? Showering strips the skin of natural oils and moisture leaving it feeling tight and dull – but we can stop that.

What is less well known is that in the shower is the best place to nourish the skin and lock in moisture. You see, once you get it warm and damp your skin swells and gets porous. It is at this point that you have an opportunity to bathe the skin in nutrient-rich oils and active ingredients that will penetrate deeper into the epidermis.

That’s where UXB shower cream comes in.

UXB shower gels

We have designed a range of luxurious body washes formulated with vitamin-rich oils and active ingredients that feed the skin and lock in moisture while in the shower – making the most of this Goldilocks moment.

If you’re going to feed your skin, you need to make sure that you are feeding it with the right things for your skin type. We have designed a range of four creams each packed with natural ingredients targeted at specific skin conditions: dry, oily, mature or polluted. Here’s a full rundown of how are creams benefit each condition.

Dry Skin – Frankincense & Argan Shower Cream

Vitamin E rich Argan and Avocado oils are combined with Tamanu oil to feed and soothe dry and ashy skin. Frankincense and black pepper essential oils warm and smooth damaged skin giving it a healthy glow. Glycerin combined with glyceryl oleate and stearic acid (naturally found in skin lipids) lock in the moisture and nutrients.

frankincense argan shower gel

Oily Skin – Brown Rice Milk & Raw Honey Shower Cream

Handmade rice milk, seasoned with dead sea salt provides gentle cleansing with antioxidant properties. The raw honey comes from local London bees and it has proven to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe blocked pores. A blend of low comedogenic oils including sweet almond, clary sage and evening primrose oil help moisturise and dilute existing sebum helping the skin feel less oily without drying out and going into oil production overdrive.

brown rice and honey shower gel

Polluted Skin – Juniper & Açaí Berry Shower Cream

We have chosen some of nature’s most powerful antioxidants for this cream. Acai is better at mopping up damaging free radicals than other berries. Juniper is no slouch either, being used twice in this formulation, once in a handmade water infusion and also as an essential oil. We’ve also included black cumin seed oil to mop up stubborn pollutants and strengthen the skin.

juniper and acai shower gel

Mature Skin – Rosehip & Comfrey Shower Cream

Mature skin suffers from a few problems; it is thinner, drier, duller and has less collagen and hence the wrinkles. If you can keep that skin fed and moist, you delay the onset of the signs of ageing. This cream is designed to tackle each of these in turn. We include a triumvirate of Rose products. Rosehip to moisturise, reduce discolouration, rose water to plump and soothe the skin, and evening primrose oil to feed the skin with lots of gamma-Linolenic acid promoting skin turnover resulting in fresher glowing complexion.

rosehip and comfrey shower gel

That’s our pitch. Indulgent and effective skincare applied to the skin when it’s needed and most potent – in the shower.

You can check out my other green beauty related posts here.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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