Super Healthy Sausage Roll Recipe – 1SP Each!

Super Healthy Sausage Roll Recipe - 1SP Each!

Once again the weather is warming up, which makes me crave a more savoury food.  Browsing on the Weight Watchers app a few weeks ago, I came across this delicious sounding sausage roll recipe that I kept meaning to try.  I finally got around the making them this weekend and they’re delicious!  A winner with all the family at just 1SP per piece.


The Recipe

Weight Watchers Turkey Sausage Rolls


The Weight Watchers recipe on the app includes using 2 teaspoons of sesame seeds.  You brush the egg on the prepared wraps and add a third to the top of each wrap.  I excluded these because I just didn’t feel like our family would enjoy them as much with the seeds on them.

We had these for lunch over the weekend and they were delicious!  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Thanks for reading.  You can find other Weight Watchers friendly recipes here.

Lu Lovely

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    1. says: Lu Lovely

      I guess any other white wraps would be fine. I think sometimes they’re called tortilla breads. You’d have to track how many points the ones you use. I get my wraps in Tesco, but they do them in all the larger supermarkets. Hope this helps.

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