The Artemis & Xena box

Artemis & Xena

Artemis and Xena is a quarterly subscription box aimed at young women.
“Taking care of our mental well-being can be difficult and sometimes we don’t know where to begin, that’s where the Artemis & Xena Box comes in.”  You can buy one from their website.

Artemis & Xena box - a little life of lovely

The Arrival

On Monday afternoon I came home from my first day of SATS and then I saw my post! This was my first EVER Artemis and Xena box and I was super excited! My mum told me she had ordered this at the beginning of April so I feel like I’d been waiting forever! It was worth the wait!

The packaging was beautiful. My parcel came wrapped in pink paper decorated white hearts. Inside the paper was a brown box with stickers on it. I couldn’t wait to open it!

(Emma Watson is my idol)

The Contents


Dreamy Room Spray by Helpmeorganics – This actually helps me get to sleep. I use room spray every night. I like that it came in a glass bottle. The name is catchy too. I love this.

dreamy room spray


Spacemask by Spacemasks – I forgot to take a photo of this, but my whole family have worn this. It heats up once you take it out of the packet. I really enjoyed this. I’ve added a photo that I got from there website so you can see what it looks like.



cute compact mirror

Compact Mirror – I love this. The box is so cute and I’m a fan of quotes. It can fit in small places so it’s easy to carry around.


E.L.F. Eyeliner Set

E.L.F. Eyeliner Set – My mum has some E.L.F. cosmetics. I don’t use eyeliner at the moment but there are lots of different colours to choose from. I have tried them and they go on smoothly and stayed on for the whole day.



Aquamax – This is a cream that is said to “soften, protect and moisturise dry skin”. I’m not allowed to use this because it contains paraffin and my mum prefers me not to put petroleum things on my skin. My mum makes my moisturiser.


pukka tea

Pukka Womankind Teabag & Hair Elastics – I love this tea. I’m a really big fan of Pukka tea. I have their Night Time tea which I drink most nights. This Womankind tea was very nice. I’m hoping to get more of this.

The hair elastics will be handy. I’ll keep them in my pencil case. I did think they were loom bands until I read the information.


hair tie

Hair Tie – This is really cute. I use these a lot so it’s helpful to have this cute hair tie.


Good Full Stop

Good Full Stop – I didn’t really like the taste of it but it’s really healthy (although I’m not allowed caffeine). It’s full of fruit and nuts that will give you energy and keep you going when you need a snack.


Daily Plans journal

Daily Plans Journal – This journal is really fun. I like the design on the cover and the different columns on the pages. I’ve been using this a lot this week. It’s helping me be more organised. There’s a section on the pages to write your three good things. I really like that.


Mother and Daughter two hearts necklaces

Mother Daughter Two Heart Necklaces – I’ve saved the best until last! These necklaces were my favourite items in this box. I love them! They’re so cute! I wore my half as my good luck item for my SATS test for the rest of the week (and I think I did well!). My mum wore her half too.

My Thoughts

This is the first subscription box I’ve ever had. I never get any post which therefore made it even more exciting. I would really love to get this on a regular basis. If you have a daughter/relative my age then I think this would be a great choice for a gift/treat. I had so much fun looking at all the things in the box and trying everything out. I really hope my mum buys me the next Artemis & Xena box. I’m intending to pester her until she gives in which will be interesting.


If you could say in the comments that my mum should buy me the next box, she might get me it ?

You can watch my unboxing video here:

A Little Life Of Lovely

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  1. Loved your review Lissy!!

    Amazing photos and I love your writing! I will definitely be sharing your blog post!

    I am glad you liked your box!

    I am looking forward to reading your future blog posts!


  2. says: Rosemarie Wilcock

    Great review of this fabulous , box, I hope you did well on your SATS and definitely think you deserve the next box. Good luck with everything

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