Which Is Better, Anime Or Manga?

anime or manga

Which is better? Anime or manga? They are both extremely entertaining to me and I value both just the same! Some may say that the manga is better than the anime. I find that it can be debated depending on the quality of either opponent. So, which is better; Manga or Anime? Here is my opinion on some anime’s and their manga’s!

One Piece

OK, now I know that the first seasons of Manga One Piece, written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, was officially published in a Japanese magazine on July 22nd, 1997. Then the chapters were collected into 85 different volumes. The first episode to date was launched on the 20th October 1999. So, it may be one of the older animes but no doubt a favourite! There have been 8 seasons released so far and made into a DVD box set! Now, I haven’t watched the anime but I am currently reading the manga. The quality of the illustrations makes it easy to get hooked and understand the story line so it makes it something for everyone to enjoy. I must admit, the manga has made me cry multiple times, so I totally recommend! For me I must say, The manga is better!

Fairy Tail

OK, OK, this anime will be hard to beat. Fairy Tail is based on guilds, magic and, well, Natsu! I’ve loved following the story in the manga and the anime but honestly love the anime more. I find it more action packed and emotional. I’ve become so gripped with the story line and the emotional impact that I’ve cried and screamed over it. I adore this anime and manga but I feel that the anime is better. This is just my opinion and I’d love to hear yours! Good job, Hiro Mashima!

Tokyo Ghoul

GAH! Tokyo Ghoul is such an amazing anime! I, unfortunately, haven’t been able to get hold of the manga so I got my friends opinion on the manga and the anime!

“I watched 2 seasons of the anime first, then read 1-11 ( I still need 12,13,14). My opinion on the anime was this:

Season one, for me was very emotional and well laid out. I think they were really clever in how they told the story and I love it.

Season 2, was also emotional however it was an epic mess, as things were all over the place. Season 2 also drifted away from the manga. Extra things were added and crucial information was left out. I think it will be hard for them to make a season 3, as they can’t use Tokyo ghoul: re, they can only carry on with the original Tokyo ghoul manga.


T.g manga 1-11:
Omg, in my opinion, the manga makes more sense than the anime, and as I watched the anime before I kinda have an idea of what’s going to happen, then when extra info is added it’s like Christmas!


I’ve cried and laughed in every volume so far, and the cliff hanger in volume 11 is intense! Sui Ishida’s drawings are improving as the story progresses and I can’t wait to see his future work!


Overall I freakin love Tokyo ghoul more than I should and I would rate it 15 = anime, 15 = manga. *the scenes are well detailed* . :)))”

Issy Elkins.

Sword Art Online (SAO)

Oh My Gosh! This anime is breathtaking! Kirito, Asuna and Yuui! They stole my heart! But, I just prefer the anime honestly. I don’t think there’s much to say about this anime. What do you think about it? I’d love to hear your feedback on this anime/manga!

Death Note

Well, as some may know the writer of Death Note is anonymous. They gave a false name on the manga and only published 12 volumes which then became a 1 series anime consisting of 37 episodes in both Japanese and English. I really enjoyed the manga and the anime so I really can’t decide!

So, Anime Or Manga?

Well, Anime and Manga are both really good. The manga is the first steps of entertainment and the anime is the final build! But, I think anime is just above the chart for me. Although manga lets your imagination run wild and kind of lets you create your own version of the anime! I’d love to hear others opinion on this so make sure to give me some feedback!

I hope you enjoyed this article.  You’ll find more of my writings on anime here – stay weeb!

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  1. says: Craig McClung

    For me it depends on my mood, but I have watched more anime, than i have read manga.

    I don’t think you can really say the One Piece manga is better, when you admit you haven’t watched the anime.

    Something I’ve found, and miss, is that i enjoy watching anime with a group. At uni I was a member of the Anime society, and we would book a lecture room, to use the projector. We would also discuss each episode, and enjoy it socially.

    1. says: Jj Burgess

      I too enjoy watching anime with a group as some pick up on things that I miss and that just makes it all better! We also used to have a room where we’d discuss anime, manga etc. Sadly we were kicked out for some reason… I think it was being too loud and screaming about ‘nonsense’? Whoops!

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