How To Tell If Your Friend Is A Weeb


OK, so we all have friends that like anime or manga. Maybe they just like drawing anime or admiring it, but at what point do you think they’ve become a weeb? I’ve encouraged many of my friends to watch anime and most of them are now weebs! But, how would you know if they are weebs for sure? They may just like watching or reading anime and manga! So, here is my investigation!


Step One: Online Anime Groups

One of the ways to tell if they are really a weeb is if they are part of some sort of online anime group. From writing on dedicated anime websites to Instagram or Twitter pages, these could be a sign of a developing weeb! If possible, try and snoop around their phone for some kind of Attack On Titan fan page. Or you could just simply ask them if they follow any… Pfft, what’s the fun in that!

Step Two: Fan-fiction Reading


However weird some may be, a lot of weebs do enjoy seeing their ships in fan fiction. Once more you have to be snoopy! If you’re looking for apps or tabs to see if there’s any shipping fan-fiction kind of stuff! That’s some juicy weeb stuff! Snoop!

Step Three: Anime Theme Tunes

This is me, honestly. My playlist is filled with anime intros! Coming from a weeb herself, anime intros are a big weeb thing! So, check there playlists! Even if they deny having any on there just steal their phone and look for yourself! Don’t take their judgement heh…

Step Four: Anime Wallpaper

When I say wallpaper, I do not mean the decorative house kind. Check their device wallpapers! I personally have Asuna and Kirito, Levi Ackerman and the wings of freedom as some of my current wallpapers. I change the characters around a lot though, haha! Having your favourite anime character(s) or anime as your wallpaper is a very big weeb symptom. Not too much snooping needed for this!

Step Five: Posters Or Merchandise

Ah, merchandise from the franchise is a big weeb thing! If you’ve ever seen any anime related clothes or cosplay then they are definitely a weeb, no doubt about it! However, having maybe one or two posters doesn’t mean they are a weeb. Sometimes it just means that they like the art so be careful.


The five-step guide to knowing if your friend is a weeb! Thank you for reading and I’d love to hear your feedback. Bye for now! -Xox

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