Is Artificial Grass Right for You?

Is Artificial Grass Right for You?

Is Artificial Grass Right for You?

If like many of us, you love spending time in your garden during the summer months, but everyday life gets in the way of what feels like a constant stream of outdoor maintenance, you’re not alone. A beautiful garden is something we all want but can be difficult to keep up with, especially alongside family and work commitments. If scheduling in routine garden work is proving difficult, make life easy for yourself and consider artificial grass. Below, you’ll find some great reasons why it’s worth looking into artificial grass installation.


No Need to Water

Especially given how high temperatures have risen over the last few summers, many of us were watering our lawns twice a day just to keep them looking green during the hottest months. Not a problem for artificial grass – you’ll only need to dust off the hose every so often when it needs cleaning. If you have a dog, this might be more often, but most tough stains can be removed with a quick spritz.


Safe for Children and Animals

Because you don’t need to use any kind of pesticide, artificial grass is completely safe for children and animals to play on without the risk of them coming into contact with any dangerous pesticides or weed killers. In fact, many cities are now opting for fake turf for this very reason.


dew on grass


No More Mowing 

This is a significant advantage for a number of reasons. Lawnmowers aren’t always the best for the environment and can potentially be dangerous. Older residents may no longer have the capability of mowing the lawn and so they can still enjoy sitting out in the garden and a green lawn but without the hassle of having to mow it. Above all though, removing the chore of mowing will make your life easier and your lawn will look in good condition whatever the weather.


Maintain the Look

We take so much pride in the interiors of our homes, but the outside can slip away, especially during the winter months. If you’ve invested in quality garden furniture, lighting, and spent time choosing flowers and arranging pots, you don’t want your garden to be let down by a patchy lawn. Artificial turf will look good whatever the season and is durable. Most are now made from materials that won’t fade as they have been treated to withstand ultraviolet ray exposure.



What about artificial grass and pets? It’s completely safe for animals due to there being no chemicals or pesticides remaining on the grass. Dogs and cats will no longer eat the grass in your garden, and any messes they might leave behind can be quickly and easily dealt with using a little water and some mild detergent.


Environmentally Friendly

Because of the decrease in the water you’ll be using to keep your lawn looking shipshape, you’ll be helping the environment by lessening your water usage. The same goes for any weed killers or other pesticides – although beneficial in keeping your lawn looking great, they aren’t so friendly to the wildlife. Installing some artificial grass can actually restore some of nature’s balance.

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