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I buy products from LoveLula on a very regular basis, so I’m going to start sharing with you, in a blog post each month, what I’ve bought and what I’m loving.  I’ve already shared a few things with you in my recent October favourites post.

Zoya Pepper nail polish

Zoya Nail Polish in Pepper

This is my first experience of Zoya Nail Polish.  I chose the shade Pepper because it’s perfect for a season and I quite like a nice vampy looking nail colour.  I can’t tell you how excited was to use this!

It was lovely to apply.  The perfect consistency, not too gloopy, not too thin.  It dried nice and quickly (which is a good job, because my bladder has an internal alarm clock to go off as soon as I’ve applied nail polish!) and three days later, it’s still looking lovely.  It’s more expensive than your regular high street brands at £11.70 for 14ml, but I’d prefer to pay a little extra for a less toxic version because my nails don’t really need formaldehyde and other carcinogens seeping into them.  I will be buying more Zoya nail polishes in the future because it was everything I’d hoped it would be.


JOIK Moisturizing and illuminating BB cream (light skin tone) 50ml

My skin is pretty rubbish.  I’m also a bit lazy.  I do love putting makeup on, but some days I just want to put one product on my skin to make it look even and

Joik Beauty Balm

be done with it.  I’m always on the search for something that will do this.  I’ve never used any Joik products before (although I did send one of their bath truffles to a good friend for her birthday recently).  Joik is an Estonian company that makes small batches at their cosy production facility.  They don’t outsource at all.  I love their ethos:

I bought this product in the shade light.  I’ve worn this three times so far.  The first time I just used to finger to apply it.  That didn’t work brilliantly, it went a bit clumpy in places.  This isn’t a product that responds well to being overworked when applying it.  Since the first hands-on attempt, I’ve been using my makeup brush.  This gives a much better result.  I might try applying it with my beauty blender soon to see what the finish is like with that.  It gives a lighter coverage compared to a full foundation but you should expect this from a BB Cream and that’s what I wanted.  When I first applied it, I thought the shade might be too dark for my pale skin, but it worked out perfectly.  Not a tangerine in sight.  I like the light coverage and I’m going to continue using this.


Zoik soy candle

JOIK Damascus Rose soy wax scented candle 145g

This is the third soy wax candle I’ve bought recently.  I loved the first one so much I feel like they’re going to be a firm addiction throughout the evenings this winter.  Not only do they give off a beautiful soft glow, they fill our home with a beautiful and natural fragrance (it’s much less dog smelling in here now!).  As I said in my October post, soy candles burn for longer so whilst you’re more expensive than paraffin candles, they last longer.  Also, I can’t enjoy paraffin candles knowing that they’re filling our home with toxic fumes and wasting the Earth’s non-renewable resources.

Joik started off in 2005 by producing candles, before moving on to cosmetics.  I love that it comes in a glass jar, which is either reusable or fully recyclable.  It has a lovely thick wick, which produces a good flame and the smell of this one is just divine.  It’s hand poured and has an approximate burn time of 30 hours.  I love it.

I’ll be making further purchases of the more seasonal scents in the run-up to Christmas.  I highly recommend you give these a go.  You can buy the same one I have here.



RMS Cake Liner

RMS Beauty Vintage Cake Liner

I’m not going to write lots about this now.  I’m going to write a whole blog post about it because it’s a good one.  I’ve been bursting for something like this and it’s here.  Yes!





Pacifica Lip Quench

Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint

Another new discovery.  I’d never heard of Pacifica before buying this.  This Colour Quench Lip Tint is a combination of a lip balm and a lipstick.  It’s super moisturiser and can replace a lipstick if you’re going for a soft, natural look.  I like it so much, I’ve now bought it in a second colour.  I’d like it in Blood Orange too, which is quite a red colour as the name suggests, but it’s been out of stock for a couple of months.

Another positive sign that it’s a great product is the fact both my tween and teen daughter’s pinch these to wear themselves.  It’s tricky to get a fussy teenager’s seal of approval, but this gets it.  You can buy one here.


I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of these products.  Thanks for reading,

Lu Lovely

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