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RMS cake liner


This cake eyeliner caught my attention last month and I’ve been coveting and wanting it for the last few weeks.  I did do my research before purchasing it because I think £23 is a lot of money to chuck away on a single product if you only use it a few times before deciding you don’t like it.

  I love gel eyeliners and, prior to switching to clean beauty, I used to swear by the Bodyshop gel liner.  I’ve been looking for something eyeliner-wise to love ever since.  I have other eyeliners and they’re good, but there was room in my makeup bag for a liner I love.  Ya know?  I have either an eyeliner pencil or a liquid eyeliner. There’s no in-between and I like the in-between.


rms cake liner

A Cake?

Not gonna pretend to be an expert because I’m not.  I had no idea what a cake liner was.  Obviously, it’s nothing to do with eating cake or baking.  I was intrigued because it looked like the sort of liner I’ve been looking for, but cake?  Why cake?  I guess it’s because you decide upon the depth of colour determined by how much you mix it into a paste?

how to cake liner



Mix It Up

This is such a versatile product.  You can use it dry as an eyeshadow if you want a smokey eye effect (I’ve tried it as a shadow and I liked it).  It’s intended use is predominantly as an eyeliner.  You can change the look you’re trying to achieve depending on how much you work the product by mixing it with water and your brush.  The pigmentation of the product is fantastic so you can have a more subtle look or you can go full on glam, bold eyeliner with wings.


Is It Worth The Spend?

Yes!  I’m really happy with this cake liner!  I’ve been using it for the last week and it lasts wonderfully.  It’s so easy to apply, as I hoped it would be.  It’s so much fun!!  You can really work it into your lash line for a seamless look.  I have noticed that I’ve had a small amount of residue under my eye towards the end of the day, but it easily wipes.  Another thing I love about this eyeliner is that it’s matte.  I do not like shiny eyeliner – yuck!  So, yes, this cake liner and I will be very happy together until the end of its days.  You can buy your own from the LoveLula website.


car selfie


Have you transitioned over to green makeup yet?  Are there any products you’re loving at the moment?

Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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