LoveLula Top Picks – January

LoveLula Top Picks - January - Green Beauty

Happy January!  New month, new LoveLula top picks.  I’ve got some really good ones to share with you.  I’ll crack straight on and show you what I bought.



Nizou Scented Candle

Nizou soy wax candle - exotic jasmin


I’ve bought a candle from LoveLula each month since last October.  They are such a treat.  They smell fantastic and give out a lovely warm glow.  I feel like they make nights at home far cosier.  Asides from the massage candle (which is a league onto itself in the luxury stakes!), I’ve found the Nizou ones to be my favourite because they’re a little bit bigger than the Joik ones.

My selection this month was the Exotic Jasmin scented candle.  I absolutely love the smell of jasmin and this, it’s one of my favourite flowers (bushes…) and one of my favourite essential oils too.


Balm Balm Multi-Purpose Lip Balm

BalmBalm 100% Organic Lip Balm


Balm Balm’s Tea Tree 100% Organic Lip Balm moisturises and conditions. It is anti-bacterial too so will help soothe away all sorts of little problems.

I bought this lip balm when it was on sale,  It’s really inexpensive.  I like that this balm is a multipurpose balm and can be used for so much more than just as a lip salve.  As a lip salve, it’s not the consistency that I’m used to so I’m not sure that I’ll repurchase it once it runs out, but I will continue using it as a daytime lip balm.  I like a much thicker, heavier one to wear overnight.


Laidbare Spot The Difference Treatment Cream

Laidbare Spot The Difference Blemish Treatment Cream - clean beauty


I expected this spot treatment to be a good one when I read that its second ingredient was aloe vera leaf juice.  I was right.  Myself and my daughters have been using this and it’s really effective.  A little goes a long way with this cream, you only need a teeny dab of it.  I had a whopper of a spot on my cheek and it was gone within a couple of days when I used this.  I will repurchase this when it runs out (without it, I think they’ll be anarchy amongst the girls in the house!).


RMS Beauty Nail Polish – Myth

RMS Beauty Nail Polish - clean beauty


I haven’t come across a product by RMS Beauty that I don’t completely love, yet.  Their Vintage Cake Liner brought me joy before Christmas and the discovery of their UnCover up has revolutionised the dark shadows under my eyes.  This nail polish does not disappoint.  It covers beautifully in a couple of coats and it stays on really well (which isn’t always the way with cleaner nail polish brands).  It’s lovely to apply and my daughter very much enjoyed having her nails painted with this within five minutes of the postman delivering it.  I do enjoy painting nails though, I find it really relaxingherbfarmacy organic cotton muslin cloth.  I will be buying more colours of their polish in the future.  This was also in the sale too, it was on £7!  Here’s the link.


Herbfarmacy Organic Muslin Cloth

These are one of my favourite kinds of muslin cloth.  It’s double layered (like two sewn together).  I love that it’s organic and it provides the exact right kind of exfoliation.  I love using it to remove my make up or for washing my face in the morning.  I’ll probably get one of these each time I shop with LoveLula for the next few months because they’re useful and really good quality.  You can buy them here for just £2.50.


Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream

Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream


I’ve saved the best for last, again.  I’ve been wanting to treat myself to a rich night cream.  I love facial oils, but my fringe (bangs, if you’re American) has been getting quite greasy looking lately.  I wonder if it’s because the oil kindly hydrates my fringe overnight too.  So, with this in mind, I decided to scout out a lovely night cream.  I chose this one and wow.  It’s a good one.  I love the feel of it, it feels really rich.  It’s easy to apply and hydrates into the skin really quickly.  You only need a small amount of it (good job, since it’s not the cheapest at £32.99 for a jar).  I love that it comes in a glass jar.  Best of all, I love that it makes my skin feel so soft and in the morning, it still feels really lovely and moisturised.  I will repurchase this when it runs out.  It’s bliss in a jar.  Love it.  You can buy your own here.


This concludes my monthly picks from LoveLula.  I’ll share the contents of the monthly LoveLula box in the week.  It;s lovely!

Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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